Weekend in Greenwich Village

Pants (on sale!) | White Tee | Mules | Tote | Sunglasses | Watch

Happy Monday! So excited to share another outfit post with y'all today. My parents were in the city this weekend, so I was able to snap some outfit photos for the blog! We ventured down to Washington Square Park & Greenwich Village to walk around on Saturday, and it's one of my favorite places to explore because it's much more of a residential area and has so many cute town homes and restaurants. 

I have been loving the paper bag waist trend lately but was having a lot of trouble finding pants in that style that fit right for me. It seems like most of them have that trendy culotte cut, but for someone on the taller side, that style just doesn't hit at the right spot. I was so happy to find these wide leg pants at H&M that were just long enough for me. These pants are seriously so comfy and it's fun to switch it up from jeans. Because I'm interning in a more casual office setting I've been wearing this look to work and know I'll be wearing these well into the fall season!

They're on sale now and if you're ordering online I would recommend sizing up. I think I had to size up 3 or 4 sizes when I got these because H&M definitely runs pretty small. 

I also hopped on the mule trend with these Michael Kors mules, but I truthfully think mules are the most uncomfortable shoes!! I might just have narrow feet, but my shins hurt when I walk in them because I'm straining my foot so hard to keep them from falling off! I love how they look and think they're easy to wear in the office, but definitely not my pick if you're going to be doing any walking at all. Anyone else not the biggest fan of the mule trend? 

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Recent Reads No. 5

Back again rounding up my most recent reads with four more nonfiction books. Like I mentioned in my last Recent Reads post, I've been really into nonfiction lately so I've been reaching for books about networking and content marketing and everything in between. I'm always looking for new books to read, so leave me a comment letting me know what books you've read recently!

Reach Out 

I found this book through Spire & Co and thought it would be a great book to read before I headed to New York to start my internship (it seems like every industry professional is emphasizing the importance of networking). I knew that was not one of my strong suits so I wanted to learn more about it and this was an entertaining read on the topic! One of my favorite stories in the book emphasizes that if by connecting with one person you open yourself up to a whole new network. Even if you don't hit it off with that person, they might know someone who would be a great contact for you!


I had seen a few of Malcolm Gladwell's Ted Talks before and thought I would give one of his books a try when I stumbled across them in Barnes & Noble, and now I'm hooked (just started my fourth book by him yesterday)! Each chapter in his books tells a different story and while they all might seem completely unrelated, they all connect back to one overarching theme. The theme of Outliers is how people have been successful and what circumstances set them up for success. It was a really interesting read and I flew through it in a weekend!

The Tipping Point

Another Malcolm Gladwell book, this one focuses on what makes trends take off or what makes a factory most productive, essentially what factors cause these phenomena to happen. Once again, the book jumps around from topics like the crime rate in NYC to how people get a job but all relates back to those little factors that make a huge difference.  It's an interesting read because it dives into people like connectors, who have considerably large social circles, and mavens, who accumulate knowledge.

Content Inc

This book has a really specific topic (which reflects some of the points made throughout the book). It's about how entrepreneurs can use content marketing to build their audiences and create a successful business. The book emphasizes that you should narrow in on a super specific niche (like Pulizzi did with this book) and discusses how to make content stick out in saturated markets. Not my favorite book in the world, but definitely a good read if you're interested in content marketing.

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Day at The Met

We had a pretty chilly and gloomy Saturday this weekend, so my friends and I finally made our way over to the Met! The Heavenly Bodies exhibit was at the top of our list and the exhibit really blew me away. The Medieval Art exhibit was the perfect setting for the garments and dresses inspired by the Catholic Church and it was truly an experience. I highly recommend checking it out if you have the chance! We also walked through the Egypt, Versailles, and American Art exhibits and feel like there was still so much to see. 

I kind of dressed up for no reason (I feel like you can do that in New York, right?) and wore this fun blazer for the day. I picked it up at the Zara sale, so it's a little wintery but I think it's still definitely a neutral piece and worked during the summer, too. I paired it with a really casual look (white tee, denim skirt & tennis shoes) and it dressed it up so much. It looks so simple yet put together and I love how much the blazer changed the look of the outfit. 

Also, I don't think I can talk about how much I love this backpack enough. Since rain was in the forecast, I used this backpack because it's water resistant and I was able to fit my umbrella as well as my DSLR camera with room to spare. It was also so easy to walk around the museum with a backpack rather than a big purse. Seriously one of my favorite purchases this year.

We ended the day with dinner at Aunt Jake's in Greenwich Village for pasta. I had seen Aunt Jake's all over Instagram, and it was a beautiful restaurant and the pasta was so. good. It was also right across from McNally Jackson's Goods For the Study, which is a stationary store that was on my list of places to check out! I could've bought the whole store, so it took a lot of self control to make it out of there without going crazy. I stocked up on some fun birthday cards and thank you notes and will have to stop in again to look at all the agendas and notebooks they carry.

It was such a fun weekend visiting the Met and attending a NYC Football Club game at Yankee Stadium (and getting some much needed rest). I'm so glad I had the chance to finally take some photos for the blog. I have quite a few fun outfits I want to share with y'all but between interning and taking a class this summer I'm a little short on time to get blog posts up. Hoping I can make some time in the coming weeks to publish some new posts, is there anything specific y'all want to see?

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Summer Uniform

Recently, my summer uniform has been a plain t-shirt and a comfy pair of shorts. When I was in Savannah last week, I dressed this look up for the day by swapping my go-to pull on shorts from J. Crew Factory for this pair of fun navy eyelet shorts. The shorts have a 5.5" inseam, so they're on the longer side, but are high waisted so I think they are still really flattering and wearable (I know bermuda shorts are trying to come back into style, but they're not my favorite). It looks like these exact shorts just sold out so I would keep checking back, but in the meantime, I found a pair of nearly identical shorts from Target that are under $25! 
Since the shorts have the eyelet detail, I paired them with a simple white tee and the most comfortable sandals. I got these from the Steve Madden outlet and I have been wearing them nonstop, so I went to buy a pair of the same style at Off Broadway Shoes, but the version of these shoes sold everywhere else has a different insole and are not nearly as comfortable (I wouldn't recommend those). I searched all over the internet and found the exact same ones I have available on Amazon. I'm not sure how many they have in stock so I would order them ASAP! They're probably the most comfortable and easy shoes to slip on and I know I'll be wearing them nonstop this summer.  
I just love how put together this outfit looks while still being comfortable for a day of sightseeing. This would be a great outfit if you're traveling this summer or just headed to the mall and want to look a little dressed up. 

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