Friday Finds 12/8/2017

I truly cannot believe Fall semester is already over! It seems like syllabus week just happened and now we are getting ready to take finals! I've had such a busy schedule these last few weeks and have been trying to balance getting everything done and spending time with friends I won't see for months (I will be abroad for January and then some of my friends are abroad for the whole Spring semester).
On a more fun note, Elon has had a bunch of events to help us get in the holiday spirit. On Wednesday, students were invited to the President's annual holiday party and then yesterday was the annual Luminaries event where the whole campus is lit up with holiday lights and luminaries!

At the President's holiday party with Catherine of Preppy By The Sea!

As for shopping for this week, I found a great dupe for the Salvatore Ferragamo Varina flats! Shop them for just $20 here! Also, I have been wearing this sweater nonstop. It's so comfy and is basically like a cute sweatshirt. I've been wearing it with leggings and tennis shoes and feel so much more put together wearing that than an oversized sweatshirt but still feel just as comfy! 

Best of luck to you if you are taking finals this week!
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Monogrammed Gifts To Give

Today is my last day of class and Winter break feels like it is coming out of nowhere. I'm just now starting to think about gifts for the holidays and even though I've been reading all sorts of gift guides, the holidays have seemed so far off but we are just a few weeks away! I feel like any gift is more fun when it has your monogram on it and Marley Lilly has so many cute gifts to give or add to your wishlist. I remember in high school my friends and I would always browse Marley Lilly's website when we wanted to monogram everything we owned. Now I definitely prefer simple monogrammed accessories that add a personal touch to an outfit. All of these gifts feature a subtle monogram that I think is the perfect addition to a classic gift.   
Shop my top four monogrammed gifts below: 

Jewelry Box // This was something that was definitely on my Christmas list for this year because I realized I was just keeping all of my jewelry in little bags and boxes and needed a more practical way to store everything. I love how simple this one is!

Phone Pocket // I don't think I would survive college without one of these. It's so handy to store your necessary cards in so you only have one thing to carry with you everywhere. This monogrammed one is so fun and different from the less durable (and less cute) ones most people use around campus.

Passport Holder & Luggage Tag // How fun would this be for someone who is an avid traveler or who has an upcoming trip? I'm going to Europe this winter and know this passport holder will be of use!

Makeup Bag // The majority of my makeup bags are ones that have come free with purchase of something else, so I never really purchase any for myself. This one holds all of my daily makeup and I love how elegant the metallic gold is.

Thank you to Marley Lilly for the gifts!
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Classic Plaid Brooks Brothers Dress

If you've been reading Gimme Glamour for a while, you would know that the Brooks Brothers Red Fleece line is one of my favorites for classic pieces for each season. Recently, they stopped selling the Red Fleece line in stores and I wasn't seeing too much online that I was liking until I stopped in on Black Friday! They reintroduced the women's Red Fleece line in stores and had so many great pieces and they lowered their price points a little bit. (Brooks Brothers also offers a student discount if you purchase in store!) I love the cut of this dress because it is definitely appropriate for a business event or nice dinner but if paired with a jean jacket and riding boots would be great for a more casual event.  I love how it looks paired with my new cocoon coat (on sale for 25% off with the code WEDNESDAY) - I think it really dresses up any look!

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Top 3 Podcasts For The Entrepreneurial Gal

Podcasts have really been a big trend lately and there are some on nearly any topic you could think of! I used to always put on vlogs in the background while I would clean my room or do other tasks, but I always found myself getting distracted and watching them instead of just listening, so podcasts are perfect for multitasking for me. 
My favorite types of podcasts are definitely ones that share the stories of entrepreneurs or tips for entrepreneurs. I love learning about what other people have accomplished and what's possible, it's definitely motivating for me and gets me in the right mindset to accomplish my work.
Here are my top three podcasts for the entrepreneurial gal: 

How I Built This with Guy Raz
This is the podcast that got me hooked on podcasts. I can't remember how I came across it but I decided to try it out on my drive to work over the summer when I was getting tired of what was on the radio. After the first one I was hooked and feeling so inspired and interested to hear about how so many successful brands we see today got their start. Some of my favorites were Rent The Runway, Kendra Scott, and Drybar!

The Influencer Podcast with Julie Solomon
I know a good portion of my readers are bloggers too, or interested in the blogging world, and this podcast really dives deep into influencer marketing and how bloggers are really shaking up the PR and marketing industries. It's so interesting to hear strategies and tactics from other bloggers or entrepreneurs, especially since influencer marketing is such a new phenomenon and there's not much out there on the topic. This has quickly become a new
                             favorite and I've been flying through episodes eager to learn more!

She Means Business with Carrie Green
I just finished reading Carrie Green's book, She Means Business, and wanted to learn even more from her! I found that the podcast mirrors the book pretty closely, so if you haven't read the book I would highly recommend listening to the podcast. I love that Carrie gives you specific tactics and action plans to help get the ball rolling and encourages you to actually take action in whatever it is you are wanting to do!

Some extra podcasts I'm interested in listening to:

I had to make a podcast for my communications class which was so fun because we used professional recording equipment and editing software to create it! It was a little stressful getting all the interviews conducted, but I'm so happy with how it turned out and now I'm much more observant of the editing techniques used in different podcasts and like them even more!

What are your favorite podcasts? I'm always looking for new ones to listen to!
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