Friday Finds 9/22/2017

I didn't have much time to do any shopping this week, so I've compiled some interesting finds in the form of links rather than clothes. Enjoy!

There was something I knew I wanted to talk about but kept forgetting every time I sat down to write my Friday Finds post, but I remembered this time! Thomas Rhett's new album is so so good. It's pretty much all my friends and I have listened to since the day it came out. We all think Life Changes is the cutest song on the album because it's pretty much his life story in a son. Have you listened to it? Comment your favorite song right now (I'm always looking for suggestions)!

Evelyn Henson just released a ton of new prints! I've followed her on Instagram but never really checked out her site until now and she offers so many cute and funny mugs!

I'm always one to download a software update as soon as it is available and I was so excited for the new iOS11 system. My favorite features are that you can now make a live photo into a video or boomerang and that you can follow friends and listen to their playlists on Apple Music! Read about other new updates here.

The time has come: Pinterest sub-boards! I love this idea because fashion can be pretty broad so now you can break it down into fall fashion, shoes, accessories, or a food board into desserts, healthy recipes, and so on. This will make pins easier to find and will be more pleasing for people like me who like to have folders within folders within folders in their documents. 

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Making the Most of Your College Bathroom

College bathrooms are probably the farthest thing from cute.
Horrible lighting, plain walls, and a shower curtain that makes you feel like you're in a hospital.
I wasn't planning on doing much to the bathroom when I moved into my apartment, but adding some cute and functional storage and personal touches of decoration has made getting ready in the morning much more enjoyable. 
I loved adding my personal touch with these monogrammed towels from Marley Lilly. Monogrammed towels were on my list of things to get last year when I was moving in for freshman year but I never got around to it, so I'm so glad I'm able to incorporate these ones into my decor this year!

My parents laughed at me for hanging this sign in the bathroom and I'm completely aware that it has nothing to do with a bathroom but I had no place for this and it happened to match the grey shower curtain!

My roommate and I added this three tier cart from Target to store other beauty products we might need to keep in reach like hair products and styling tools.

Using this basket from the dollar section at Target makes my side of the counter seem cleaner than it really is. I can throw all of my daily essentials in there and they all stay together and somewhat organized rather than sprawled out across the counter!

Thank you to Marley Lilly for the towels!

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My Favorite Gingham Dress

Dress (similar here and here) | Denim Jacket | Purse | Sunglasses | Sandals | Monogram Ring

This is hands down my favorite dress of the summer. It's kind of a romper because it has shorts underneath, but I love that it just looks like a baby-doll dress with the cutest belle sleeves! It's so easy to wear because of the shorts, and I have it in two colors so my friends are probably tired of seeing me wear it. But as the weather cools down, I don't plan to put it away until next summer because it looks just as cute with a denim jacket over it for fall! I wore this for my first day of class because the weather was surprisingly cool for August and know I will be wearing variations of this look throughout the season. Bring on the fall weather!

Thank you to my friend Chrissy for taking these photos!
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Friday Finds 9/15/2017

Hi y'all! I'm so relieved it's finally Friday, this week has felt so long and I am so ready for the weekend. I found a few cute new finds for the upcoming fall season. (That little cool spell we had is over now, and I'm already so over the warm weather again)! One of my favorite finds was this pair of scalloped flats from Sam Edelman! They look identical to the ChloĆ© ones and are a fraction of the price- and the suede is so cute for fall.

Since I'm staring at either my phone or computer pretty much the whole day, I decided to test out some digital screen protection glasses. I've been having ocular migraines and my eyes get so tired working on the computer, so I hope this will help! If not, they will at least look cute :) 

I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan, but I saw this video release for PBTeen's Harry Potter collection and I think it looks so cool and well-done! Before I clicked on the video I thought it would look kind of tacky but I love how classy and tasteful it turned out!

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