Winter Blues

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Hello all! I hope 2019 has been treating you well since I last posted. Speaking of - I want to thank all of you for your support of Shop Gimme Glamour. I am so excited to finally have the shop live and am so grateful for all the positive feedback I've received from y'all!
I took these photos on the same day that I took all of the product photos for the shop and am still obsessed with this look. When I bought this sweater, I was worried that the color would be a little too springy for January but love how it looks with my navy Barbour jacket for winter. I received this new Barbour jacket as a Christmas gift this year and love the subtle difference from my classic Beadnell one. This fit is a little roomier and I bumped up a size so I could wear it over heavier sweaters in the winter.
I also have to talk about these fun fringe earrings! I have always been hesitant to hop on the statement earring trend, always opting for my classic pearl earrings but have been itching to switch up my jewelry so I finally invested in two pairs from Loft! I love the vintage look of these fringe ones and how the gemstone ties in with the blue in my sweater and also picked up these tortoise ones! Now that I'm finally on board with statement earrings, I would love your recommendations for places with fun earrings!

Have a great week y'all,

5 Years + Exciting Announcement

celebrating with an iced coffee!

Today I am so excited to be celebrating five years of Gimme Glamour! 🎉 Sometimes I can't believe it's already been that long and other times I can't believe that it's only been five years. It's been so special to have Gimme Glamour be such a defining part of both my high school and college experiences and I am thrilled that I have kept up with posting and that y'all have been such supportive readers over the years.

As you could probably tell by my lack of recent posts, I have been somewhat lacking inspiration and motivation to publish blog posts as regularly as I used to. This is in part because I always value quality over quantity and always want to feel proud of what I publish and it's often difficult to find time to take quality photos while I'm at school. Additionally, I've been itching to switch things up by creating something in addition to blog posts. 

Starting this blog five years ago really got my entrepreneurial juices flowing and I have been thinking about ways to take Gimme Glamour in new directions along the way but never followed through on any. My idea of launching the perfect product really hindered me from pursuing some of these ideas because I knew that when just starting out, I wouldn't have the resources to perfect it. Looking back at how my blog started in 2014 and what it has grown into reminded me that I don't have to have all of the details perfected to try something new. Now knowing that I have room to grow and perfect my product along the way, I am thrilled to have finally created a Gimme Glamour product line

On the Shop Gimme Glamour Etsy page, you can find personalized stationery and mini scarves perfect for tying on your purse or in your hair. I have had so much fun creating these products and hope y'all love them as much as I do!

See some of my favorite products pictured below and see the rest on my shop page:

Thank you for your support of Gimme Glamour over these past five years! 

2018 Favorites

As the New Year approaches, I'm taking a look back at my most-used purchases of 2018. From
fashion and footwear to tech and lifestyle, here are my seven favorite products from the past year.

Madewell Zip Top Transport Tote

This tote was a purchase I made in preparation for my summer in New York City. I've never been one to gravitate towards large tote bags, but this was the only bag other than a backpack that I could fit my 15-inch laptop in and zip shut. It has easily become my most used bag this year and I love it so much that I ended up buying the mini version a few weeks ago!

Packable Hunter Boots

This year I finally invested in a pair of rain boots and am so happy with my decision to purchase this packable pair. I went abroad to Europe in early 2018 and packing these along in my suitcase took up no more room than a regular pair of shoes and was by far the best thing I packed for the rainy winter weather. I love the matte finish - they still look brand new!

SD Card Reader

This handy SD card reader has made transferring photos from my camera to my phone so easy for times when I can't get to my computer. At under $30, I think this is something everyone should have in their camera bag.

Appointed Workbook

I've always been an avid list-maker and this year I went through two of these Appointed Workbooks. These are the perfect size, come with blank, lined, or graph paper, and is made with a bookcloth cover so it holds up really well.

New Balance Sneakers

I finally upgraded my sneakers this year and am obsessed with these New Balance ones. They are so comfortable and classic and I've had a few people ask if they were Allbirds. They come in thirty eight colors on Amazon so I might have to snag another pair for 2019.

Keds Triple Kick

I bought these platform Keds right before I went to New York City this summer and they have been my go-to shoes ever since. I walked miles in them all summer and love the platform look with jeans. 

Longchamp Le Pliage Backpack

Looking back at all of the trips I took in 2018, my Longchamp backpack was with me for nearly each one. This is the perfect bag for exploring a new city or toting around to go hands-free. I love that it folds up small so I can pack it in my suitcase and that it's water resistant and fits so much. I can fit my DSLR and a water bottle with plenty of room to spare. 

Thanks for reading,

Recent Reads No. 7

After a long Thanksgiving break and plenty of time to catch up on my reading list, I can finally share some more books I've read recently. These are some of my favorite posts to write because I love hearing about what books other people are reading so hopefully I can provide some helpful recommendations for y'all! 

Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald

This is one of the few fiction reads I have reached for in the past few months and really enjoyed it! Z tells the story of Zelda Fitzgerald and her life with F. Scott Fitzgerald. It's biographical nonfiction, so it's based off her real life but is a really interesting and engaging story and I loved reading about the Jazz Age and the Fitzgeralds' adventures around the world. Fowler also wrote a similar novel about the Vanderbilt family, which I think would be an interesting read as well! 

The One Thing

I had been meaning to pick up The One Thing after seeing it at the bookstore for months and am so glad I finally did. It's a pretty quick read and is unlike a lot of business and personal growth books I've read in the past. Each chapter starts out with something the author deems to be a myth – like multitasking or a work-life balance – debunks it, and relates it back to how to focus on your one thing. I pulled some great tips and motivation from this book and highly recommend picking it up! 


Psycho-Cybernetics is somewhat of a classic in the self help genre and did not disappoint. Where many other books talk briefly about the subconscious and how it controls much of our confidence and success, this book really dives into how to actually use your subconscious to improve your life. The author was a plastic surgeon who realized that physical change was not enough to improve an individual's self image and potential for success and provides a really unique perspective.

Work Party

I'm sure a lot of y'all have been following the Work Party movement, which was started by Jaclyn Johnson, the founder of Create & Cultivate. It tells the story of how she started her company and offers advice for entrepreneurs. I love reading about the journeys people take to reach success and loved hearing Jaclyn's story and what she learned throughout the process of starting Create & Cultivate.

Looking for more reads? Check out my past posts:

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