Barbour Tartan

Jacket // Sweater // Scarf // Boots (similar)  // Watch // Purse (similar)

I have been wearing my Barbour coat nonstop since the temperatures in NC have gotten to below freezing and finally found the matching scarf! I searched high and low for it online and in stores but they were sold out everywhere. I found it in the Nordstrom men's department when I wasn't even looking for it and it happened to be the last one in the store!!

I'm sure you noticed two new things in this post…

1. I chopped off 7 inches of my hair last week! I love it, and it feels so refreshing and healthy again!

2. I finally got around to redesigning my blog! I purchased this template from 17th Avenue Designs on Etsy and it was unbelievably to set up! I think it looks so much more professional I and am really happy with how it turned out.


  1. What size is your jacket?? Very cute outfit with the scarf

  2. I'm absolutely obsessed with this jacket! And your photos are sooo gorgeous! I'm so jealous of your NC weather!

    Xo! Kate //

    1. I'm jealous of the Chicago weather most of the time, I wish it snowed more than once or twice in NC!! :(

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