Macaron Making

Last week my dad and I attempted to make French macaroons even after seeing numerous posts about how difficult they are to perfect. Everything was going perfect until I realized I had forgotten to whip the sugar in with the eggs before adding the almond flour. I mean, duh, how do you make cookies without sugar? We still continued making them and they actually didn't taste absolutely horrible (but they were barely Instagram worthy). I used the recipe that came with this kit that I found at Bed, Bath & Beyond. 

This is where it all went downhill. 

Moral of the story: leave the macaron making to the professionals.
Have you tried making macaroons before?


  1. I bet these still tasted good! I want to try to make them, but I'm worried they won't turn out very good!

    Constance || Prep Northwest

    1. I would try it! Considering I forgot an ingredient and they turned out okay, I think they would be pretty good if you follow all of the directions. Best of luck if you do try them :)

  2. Okay I love the new blog design! Also, this is kind of weird but we have the same blender haha. I tried to make macarons before, and they came out so bad it wasn't even worth taking pictures of them. It was not pretty... I totally agree-- Leaving the macaron making to the pros!

    Cathleen // Classy Cathleen

    1. Thanks!! Omg, twins! I was just taking pictures as I went along and decided to post them even though they didn't turn out that great haha.



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