Snow Day Shopping

Just when all of the snow had started to melt, North Carolina is slammed with 5 inches of snow overnight. This may not be a crazy amount to most northerners, but where we close schools for 1 inch of snow, nobody will be leaving their houses any time in the next few days. While I'm staying in my bed drinking hot chocolate, I will most likely be doing a lot of homework and online shopping. A lot of stores just released their spring lines, so I've rounded up my favorite things that will be on my wish list for when the weather warms up!

Did it snow where you live? What are you doing on your day off?

J. Crew City Mini

Today I am collaborating with Daria who blogs over at Country and Class to share how we style our J. Crew City Mini Skirts. I have three of these and they have to be some of my most worn things in my closet because they can be worn with nearly anything and are so easy to dress up or dress down. I went for a classic look today that is so simple to recreate with things you probably already have in your closet. 

Coat // Sweater // Shirt // Skirt // Boots // Purse (vintage, similar) // Watch // Earrings

See how Daria styled her J. Crew City Mini here!

Snow Day Layers

School was cancelled on Tuesday and Wednesday this week because of the snow ice we got in North Carolina. It snowed for maybe twenty minutes on Wednesday, so I had to run outside to see it since we don't get very much snow. With the cooler temperatures lately, this has been my go-to outfit.

Jacket // Sweater // Jeans // Scarf (similar) // Boots // Hat // Necklace // Watch

Thanks to Meghan for braving the cold with me to take these pictures!

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J. Crew Spring 2015

I just received the newest J. Crew catalog in the mail the other day and seeing all of their new spring items has me wishing for warmer weather (especially after these last two snow days)! Some of my favorite colors that I have been seeing in the catalog are yellow, white, navy, and blue. I love all of the modern accents that have been added to these classic pieces with zippers and buttons and I am seriously obsessed with the lace design on the white shorts!
I already want everything in the spring collection, but I can hardly wait until the fall collection is released after seeing pictures of it from New York Fashion Week!

Burberry at Phillips Place

I had the day off last Friday, so my friend Maddie and I went to brunch at the Terrace Cafe and then walked around at Phillips Place in Charlotte. It was absolutely freezing, so my mom let me borrow her Burberry jacket, but I was still so cold that it took a while for my fingers to thaw out after taking these pictures!

I had the chicken and waffles (my all time favorite) and it was so good!

Maddie's outfit:

What did you do over the long weekend?

Netflix Shows To Binge Watch

With the long weekend, I had a lot more free time than usual, so it was nice to take a break and watch some Netflix. I recently finished Gilmore Girls but haven't started anything new, so I have been rewatching One Tree Hill with my friend. Here are some of my favorite Netflix shows I have watched.

One Tree Hill:
I watched all nine seasons way too quick and have been rewatching it with my friend and it is just as good the second time! One Tree Hill's main story line is about two brothers competing to be the star basketball player and about all their friends and the drama that goes on at their school. So much stuff happens in this show and it makes it nearly impossible not to watch a whole season in one day.

Gilmore Girls:
This is a more lighthearted and funny show that takes place in a small town and follows the story of Rory Gilmore and her mom/best friend Lorelai. I think anyone who has watched Gilmore Girls has wanted to live in Stars Hollow and have coffee at Luke's diner every morning before going to school at Chilton. I ended up liking loving this show a lot more than I thought I would.

Gossip Girl:
Everyone knows that Gossip Girl is a must watch show for the fashion, the parties, and the NYC locations. Although I wasn't dying to know who Gossip Girl was throughout the seasons, the drama and scandals that happened among New York's most elite definitely got me hooked.

This show is almost like the Gossip Girl of the West Coast and takes place in LA. I would definitely recommend this to you if you just finished Gossip Girl and are looking for something similar to watch.

I started this show because I wanted something to have on while I was doing schoolwork, but it was so  much better than I thought it would be! I breezed through the 10 seasons way too fast and was laughing out loud during almost every episode.

A few friends recommended that I watch Friday Night Lights since its similar to One Tree Hill, so I'm so excited to start watching it!
What are some Netflix shows you can't stop watching?

Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day! I don't have any big plans for today, so I will most likely be hanging out with my family and doing schoolwork (ugh). My parents surprised my with this Kiel James Patrick Valentines Day necklace this morning, and I had to wear it today! Paired with my J. Crew flannel shirt, it added the perfect pop of red for a festive outfit.

Do you have any plans for today?

A Look Inside My Day Designer

I upgraded from my Lilly Pulitzer agenda to a Day Designer at the beginning of the year after seeing how perfect it looked on other blogs. It had been sold out for so long, so the day it was restocked, I hopped on my computer in the wee hours of the morning to get one before they sold out (good thing I did because three prints had sold out already)! When it came I was in awe with how perfect it was and was almost too scared to write anything in it!

 When I was using my Lilly agenda, I wrote my schedule and important dates in it and kept a separate notebook with my to-do lists. This worked fine, but having the schedule and to-do list combined in one is so much more convenient in the Day Designer and eases the stress of Junior year (kind of ;). There is also a large section at the bottom of each page labeled "Download" that I have been using to keep track of all my blogging related activities. 
Here is a peek inside...

A page for each day.
A monthly overview for each month.
What my daily pages look like on any given weekday.

Rainy Day Outfit

This has been my go-to outfit for the past few cold and rainy mornings. My Charles River rain jacket is always perfect for this weather because not only does it keep me dry, it keeps me warm (it has fleece pockets)! I have yet to invest in Hunter rain boots, so I've been wearing my L.L. Bean Boots with cute socks and topping it off with a hat (no pun intended) to keep my hair somewhat under control. Sadly, the rain didn't turn into snow because I could really use a snow day, #junioryeardoe. Were any of you hit by the blizzard, Juno?

Jacket (℅) // Hat (similar) // Socks (similar) // Boots

J. Crew Puffer Vest

Today I am collaborating with Julia of Little Miss Haute Couture to show you how we style our puffer vests. We both paired ours with a skirt, but I dressed mine down a little bit by swapping my riding boots for my duck boots. A puffer vest is my go-to when it comes to outerwear on those awkward in-between cool and freezing days and is so easy to layer. I purchased this one from J. Crew Factory in early fall last year and have gotten so much use out of it. It is so versatile because I can wear it with a skirt like I did here or with jeans and a tee like I did in this post last fall!

Sweater (similar) // Vest // Skirt // Boots // Bracelet // Purse (similar)

Make sure to see how Julia styled it on her blog! Here is a look at her post.

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