A Look Inside My Day Designer

I upgraded from my Lilly Pulitzer agenda to a Day Designer at the beginning of the year after seeing how perfect it looked on other blogs. It had been sold out for so long, so the day it was restocked, I hopped on my computer in the wee hours of the morning to get one before they sold out (good thing I did because three prints had sold out already)! When it came I was in awe with how perfect it was and was almost too scared to write anything in it!

 When I was using my Lilly agenda, I wrote my schedule and important dates in it and kept a separate notebook with my to-do lists. This worked fine, but having the schedule and to-do list combined in one is so much more convenient in the Day Designer and eases the stress of Junior year (kind of ;). There is also a large section at the bottom of each page labeled "Download" that I have been using to keep track of all my blogging related activities. 
Here is a peek inside...

A page for each day.
A monthly overview for each month.
What my daily pages look like on any given weekday.

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