Snow Day Shopping

Just when all of the snow had started to melt, North Carolina is slammed with 5 inches of snow overnight. This may not be a crazy amount to most northerners, but where we close schools for 1 inch of snow, nobody will be leaving their houses any time in the next few days. While I'm staying in my bed drinking hot chocolate, I will most likely be doing a lot of homework and online shopping. A lot of stores just released their spring lines, so I've rounded up my favorite things that will be on my wish list for when the weather warms up!

Did it snow where you live? What are you doing on your day off?


  1. I'm honestly so obsessed with that Kate Spade coat ever since I saw it on Carly! It's perfect!

    Michaela || The Monogrammed Midwesterner

  2. Love those swim suits - gosh, I need something cute like that! Thanks for the links! Hope you're enjoying some peaceful indoor time!

    Ohio Stripes


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