Studying For Finals in SSCO

Finals season is upon us. It seems like a lot of schools are already on summer break, but I will be taking my first final as you are reading this! I used to go by the motto "dress well test well" but after some long nights and lack of motivation, I have been leaning towards more comfy clothes for studying and test taking. I was so excited when Southern Shirt Company contacted me because I had a few of their shirts already and loved them. I picked out the American Twine and Signature Logo tees in a size larger than usual for an oversized and comfy fit. Both tees are so comfy and still show my style on days when I don't want to put as much effort into getting ready in the morning. I've already worn both shirts way too many times and will definitely be wearing them while I'm taking my finals this year. 
I also haven't had a chance to show this L.L. Bean tote on here yet but it has become a staple for me because it's perfect for most everything. I have been taking it to school every day to carry my textbooks I can't fit in my backpack and it's such good quality and still looks brand new!

Shirt (℅) // Shorts // Sunglasses // Watch // Sandals // Tote

Use code "Renee10" for 10% of your oder at Southern Shirt Company!

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  1. I am definitely leaning towards comfy clothes while I take my finals, best of luck on yours!!


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