Sydney Elizabeth Golf

Golf is a huge part of my life and is something I've been wanting to share more on Gimme Glamour. If any of you have tried to find cute golf clothes it is a serious struggle. All of the skirts and shorts are boring and have a weird fit. I typically wear either tennis skirts, which have no pockets, or Lilly Pulitzer skirts or shorts, which run pretty short. I found Sydney Elizabeth Golf through Instagram and loved their skirts and thought they would be perfect to wear to tournaments and playing on the weekends. Their patterns are similar to those you would find at Lilly Pulitzer but are specifically made for golf. I wore this outfit for 18 holes on Memorial Day and got so many compliments! I will definitely be wearing these skirts on repeat out on the golf course this summer.


  1. That skirt is so cute! For a second I really thought it was Lilly! It looks like a great thing to wear to go golfing. You make me wish I was good at it! My brother golfs all the time but I'm awful at it, haha.
    XOXO Alyson |

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