Beach Bag Essentials

Yay!! We just arrived at the beach and I couldn't be more excited to have a relaxing week (and try to even out my golfer's tan). I will definitely be hitting the beach every day while we are here, but I don't think I'm going to spend too much time in the water... I don't want to become shark bait!! Here are a few things I will be keeping in my beach bag this summer.

A Big Tote //
I just got a new L.L. Bean Boat Tote in the mail last week and am obsessed. I can't say enough good things about their products and this tote is no exception. I already owned a medium sized navy Boat Tote, but wanted to upsize so I could carry more stuff- the large is HUGE. I had four towels in it and still had room to fit more. I can't even imagine how big the extra large is!! 

Hat //
Honestly, 75% of the summer I'm wearing a baseball cap (50% of that is probably for golf, but now we're getting into math and we don't want to do that during the summer). Hats are the perfect way to conceal avoid doing your hair or to conceal the frizzy and knotty mess that your hair becomes after a beach day because, let's be honest, whose hair actually gets those perfect beachy waves we've all looked up tutorials on how to achieve. I've really been loving Tucker Blair embroidered baseball caps recently, but you can't go wrong with a classic Vineyard Vines one.

Sunnies //
I had to use this post as an opportunity to talk about a new pair of sunnies I picked up while I was in NYC. I was deciding between these Illestiva ones and Rayban Clubmasters at Bloomingdales just minutes before the sale was about to end (we were probably the last people in the store). I had been eyeing the Clubmasters for a long time and know they won't be going out of style any time soon, so I bit the bullet and ended up getting them for 25% off! I've worn them practically every day since I got them and they will definitely be a must have for me at the beach.

Sunglass Straps //
These go hand in hand with a good pair of sunglasses... especially ones you don't want to get lost at sea! Apparel By P.W. sent me a pair of red, white, and blue sunglass straps to try out this summer and I think everyone needs a pair of these (seriously). They recently updated their design to now feature a rubber attachment to keep your sunglasses secure and I feel a lot better about wearing my nice sunglasses to the beach or on the boat. Plus, they have so many preppy and nautical prints (this red gingham one is too cute)!

A Good Book //
I don't know if this is just me, but at the beginning of summer I always tell myself I'm going to get back into reading since I have so much more free time but never do. I'm always spending too much time reading the amazing novels and textbooks my teachers hand picked for us to read over our break anyways (note the sarcasm). While I was in Barnes & Noble a few weeks ago I picked up The Boys In The Boat after seeing a few bloggers add it to their reading lists. It's based on a true story from the 1936 Olympic Games and seems like it will be an interesting read!

Portable Speaker //
Last year I got a Bose bluetooth speaker for my birthday and didn't realize how much I would use it! I brought it to the beach last year and hooked up my phone and played my Spotify playlists. Using a speaker is a great alternative to using headphones because you don't have to be attached to your phone the whole time and there are a lot of affordable options!

What are some things you can't go to the beach without?


  1. Your bag is too cute! Good luck not becoming shark bait!


  2. I love your bag, it's perfect for the beach!!
    xo, Syd


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