Instagram Recap: Hilton Head Island

If you haven't been following along on my Instagram, then you wouldn't know I was on Hilton Head Island for the week. It was so nice to have a relaxing week without any set plans. We stayed on the beach right by the Salty Dog (which we went to way too many times) and were in biking distance of Harbour Town. It was such a fun (and Instagram-worthy) trip! Here are some pictures from my Instagram over the last week.

Wearing one of my favorite Southern Shirt Company t-shirts on the beach. Red, white, and blue seems to have been my major color scheme throughout the trip.

Got to test out my new L.L. Bean boat tote on the beach. See my beach bag essentials here.

Celebrating National Ice Cream day the right way- with rainbow sprinkles!

Had so much fun sailing on the Stars and Stripes! Lots of pictures coming in another post from the boat ride later this week (I even got to steer the boat)!!

Father and I matching in our Vineyard Vines on the beach. Shoutout to Mom for her photography skills (it took a few tries, but we got it)!

Watching the sunset in Harbour Town before dinner at the Quarterdeck. It's so cool that you can see both the sunrise and sunset over the water since you are on an island (not that I ever woke up early enough to see the sunrise lol).

We tried to go out early to take some pictures before it was super hot and humid, but my hair was twice the size it was when I left! It was also so complicated to get the camera to work in such high humidity because pieces inside the camera were fogged up so we had to take the camera apart to get the shots to come out clear. Has anyone else had this problem?

Thanks for reading,


  1. I was just on Hilton Head Island last week and I had the same problem with my camera lense! Every time I stepped outside, the lense would fog up until the camera warmed up to the outside temperatures a bit, the humidity didn't help either. As a blogger myself, this was a bit frustrating but it was such a wonderful trip! I love seeing other people that go to HHI, great post!

    1. It was so frustrating!! Hope you had a great trip, too!

  2. Hilton Head is probably one of my favorite places to visit! It looked like you had a lot of fun!
    XO Alyson |

    1. It was such a fun trip! Hilton Head is probably my favorite beach destination :)

  3. Your pictures are adorable! It looks like you had a great time!


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