NYC Day 5

Our last day in New York City was mainly composed of eating at various places to kill time before heading to the airport. We started the day off at Maison Kayser in Bryant Park (again) and I got a chocolate almond croissant (again) and an iced mocha. We walked around the park and the surrounding areas for a little bit because we had only seen the park during the winter when the ice skating rink took up the majority of the park. One thing I really liked about New York City is all the great parks they have that are a nice change of pace from the concrete jungle. 

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After finishing packing up at the hotel, we headed back to Bryant Park for lunch. We sat on the rooftop of the Bryant Park Grill which had the cutest outdoor seating and the best view of the park. Eating outside is one of my absolute favorite things to do during the summer, so this was a great way to end our trip.

We treated ourselves to parmesan truffle fries at the hotel before catching out plane back to Charlotte. It was such an awesome trip and I can't wait for the next time I get a chance to be back in the Big Apple!

Apologies for posting two recaps from this trip in a row, I wanted to break it up because I have so many pictures and I couldn't narrow it down!!

My past recaps:

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  1. NYC looks gorgeous Renee! Honestly, I have never heard of Bryant Park before they hosted the Lilly for Target event there but it looks beautiful!


  2. Renee, your trip looked amazing! Bryant Park Grill is one of my favorite restaurants in the whole city. Great food, atmosphere, and a great view of the park! Hope you had a fabulous time!

    XOXO Olivia

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