NYC Days 2 + 3: Live Smart Series

I'm just going to be sharing some of the highlights of the Live Smart Series because I have so many pages of notes and can't narrow it down to what I thought was most important. What I can say is that the conference left me feeling like I could do anything and more motivated than ever to do so.

The conference was such a great experience for me because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and  motivated and inspired me to improve both myself and my blog. I went to the conference by myself and hadn't made any plans to meet up with anyone, so I kind of forced myself to talk to people I didn't know which is something I'm usually not very comfortable doing. I met a few girls while waiting in line that were interning at Hearst in the city for the summer. Some of them were interning at HGTV or Dr. Oz so it was cool to hear about their experiences and talk about my (much too quickly approaching) college search. Later I met Frannie, Caroline, and Sloane whose blogs I read and was introduced to PJ and Hannah whose blogs I wasn't familiar with (and I'm glad I am now because they are too cute)!

I didn't bring my camera to the first day of the conference, so all of these are from the second day. After the conference on the first day I was exhausted so we just went to dinner at Benihana in Midtown and then crashed in the hotel room.

We started the day off at Maison Kayser which was right around the corner from the conference venue and I had the most delicious chocolate almond croissant. Then I headed to the conference and listened to some awesome panels and speakers .

Shoutout to Emily and all these amazing girls for putting together an awesome event!!

One of my favorite speakers had to be Anne Fulenwider who is the Editor in Chief of Marie Claire magazine. I loved how she had ten points she wanted to get across to keep it simple and shared stories of her experiences that actually related to her main points. One thing I also liked was that she was able to balance work and family and didn't live in the office 24/7. 
Some of my other favorite speakers were Stephanie Ruhle who is an anchor on Bloomberg TV, Elaine Pouliot, the founder of The Fit Out Movement, and Maribeth Bisienere, the Senior VP of Disney. Something that made all of these speakers so interesting and motivating was how passionate they are about their work.

After the conference, Caroline, Frannie, Hannah and I went to Central Park to snap some photos for some upcoming blog posts and grab some (totally Instagram-worthy) ice cream!

That night we went to Cellini, an Italian restaurant we went to on our last trip to the city. It's a great restaurant that I would recommend if you are in the Midtown area!

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  1. Looks like you had SO much fun! I'm so sad I missed out on the fun this year, but I'll definitely be going next year! Love this post Renee!

    Xoxo, Katelyn //

  2. Seems like so much fun! Love seeing all of your pictures from your trip!


  3. Looks like so much fun! The ice cream looks super good!
    XO Alyson |


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