Tortoiseshell Sunnies

Hey y'all! I just wanted to pop in for a quick post to talk about the cutest tortoiseshell sunnies I shared on my Instagram the other day. I fell in love with these Illesteva sunglasses after seeing them on PJ and was so close to splurging on them at Bloomingdales but ultimately decided against it. When Ditto reached out to me and I saw that Illesteva was one of the many brands they carried, I couldn't say no! Ditto's Endless Eyewear program is a monthly sunglass subscription ($19/month!) that allows you to basically rent a pair of designer sunglasses for however long you want and then switch it out for another pair. I love how with Ditto a regular teenage girl like myself can wear trendy designer sunglasses and not have to commit to dropping hundreds on something that may go out of style by next season.

To get your first month's subscription to Ditto for free, use my code 'gimmeglamour'!

Do you have a sunglass trend you love but have been too scared to try?

Sunset Stripes

I don't even know what to say... I have another striped outfit from my trip to Hilton Head. I wore this patriotic ensemble to dinner at the Quarterdeck, right under the lighthouse at Harbor Town. I love how easy and comfy this outfit is and adding my horse bit sandals and a tassel bracelet, it looks a little more put together for dinner. Once again it was so difficult taking pictures because it was so windy on the pier- not to mention the other few hundred people who wanted to take pictures of the sunset, too! 

Shirt // Shorts (on sale!) // Purse (similar) // Shoes (similar here and here

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The Perfect Preppy Backpacks (Madeline & Co)

I had the chance to meet Madeline and her mom, the founders of Madeline & Company, at the Smart Girls' Conference last month and to check out their new line of backpacks. They were both so sweet and their backpack designs are too cute! The company just launched and the backpacks are now available on their website! They are wide to fit all of your books and binders (I'm that person that carries three bags to school I have so many things...) and have a flat bottom so the backpack stays upright. The best part? The inside is striped. As a stripe fanatic, I approve.

See the outfit I'm wearing here.

They are planning on expanding the company soon to offer clothing and gifts, so make sure to follow them on Instagram to stay updated on the latest styles!
What do you think of Madeline & Company?

College Application Organizers

The Common Application, along with a ton of applications from schools, was released last week and I don't think I'm hope I'm not the only one completely overwhelmed by all of the due dates and keeping track of all of the schools I will be applying to. As someone who makes too many to-do lists, charts and organizers will be necessary for getting everything done on time. I've linked a few helpful ones I've already started filling out to make the application process as smooth as possible :)

Download this organizer here.

Download this bright and preppy chart here.

 After signing up for the Common Application, you can also go to the 'Training Resources' tab to find videos to help you step-by-step through the process!

Thanks for reading and good luck with the application process if you're a senior!

Patchwork in Paradise

I wore this Vineyard Vines ensemble to dinner at Hudson's (they have the best hushpuppies!!) while we were in Hilton Head and was the perfect post-beach-day outfit. I found this patchwork wrap skirt at a local consignment shop and think it is too cute! I paired it with a Vineyard Vines polo that feels like a t-shirt but looks like you tried a lot harder :)
Side note: I will never understand how people take good pictures on the beach!! It's so windy and humid and is really just a struggle hahaha.

Shirt // Skirt (old) // Sandals // Sunglasses

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3 Things To Do When Starting A Blog

Lately, I've been getting a few emails asking for tips on starting a blog or improving one. I figured I would dedicate a post to it with my top three tips for new bloggers. Even though I have been blogging for a while, I still love to read posts like these because there are always new things I can be doing to improve my blog.
If you want me to check out your blog and get my opinion, shoot me an email here! I would love to help you out :)

Keep your design clean and simple 
As much as you may love your Lilly prints, stray away from making them the background for your blog. It's important to keep your design as simple and decluttered as possible so your readers aren't distracted from your content. This will also make your blog look more professional!

Post consistently
This may seem like a no-brainer, but I didn't realize the importance of posting regularly until a year after starting my blog. Last month I posted every day for two weeks straight and nearly doubled my monthly page views! Set a goal to post maybe once or twice a week and stick to it! Going along with posting consistently, make sure your content is original!! Being authentic and using your own pictures will make your blog unique and build a readership that is going to want to check back for new posts.

Take quality photos
Because my blog is mostly composed of pictures, having the highest quality photos is important to maintain a more professional appearance. While I take most of my pictures with a DSLR camera, you can make iPhone pictures look clear and sharp in a blog post! I do two things to all of my pictures before posting them on my blog. First I make them bigger by clicking on the picture and selecting 'X-Large' and then adjust the HTML code of each picture to make them more sharp and clear. Here is a picture of the adjustment I make.
I look for the 's' followed by a number and change that number to 1600 for the best quality and it makes a really big difference! Doing this can also significantly improve the quality of pictures taken on an iPhone.

Most of all, make sure you are blogging because it's fun and is something you really love to do! I hope this was helpful to those starting a blog or who are looking to make improvements to their existing blog.
Thanks for reading,

Sailing on the Stars and Stripes

During my trip to Hilton Head Island, my family and I took a boat ride on the Stars and Stripes, the sailboat that won the America's Cup in 1987 and 1988.  I had never been on a sailboat that big and it was so fun steering the boat! I felt that sailor stripes were only appropriate (but then again, when are they not?) and my red, white, and blue sunglass straps were perfect for such a patriotic boat. 

Shirt (similar) // Shorts // Hat // Sunglasses // Sunglass Straps (c/o) // Tote

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Getting Back On Track

Goodness gracious how is it already August?! How am I almost a senior?! How am I already filling out college applications (like, what)?!
I kind of got a much needed reality check earlier this summer when I got back some test scores that were lower than I had anticipated. The Smart Girls' Group conference was just what I needed to get me motivated and back on the right track to being more successful and getting the results I want. Hearing from all of the hardworking and successful women made me a lot more motivated to post more often on Gimme Glamour and to tackle my mountain of summer work. 
I realized that it's really important to set aside time to work on schoolwork and applications and to give it 100% (because watching Netflix while studying Quizlet doesn't seem to get you the best results). No matter how much it may suck doing homework in the summer, it feels so good after you finish because you know you have that much less to do at midnight on the night before the first day of school (flashback to last year...). Now that the countdown to the first day of school has started, I'm ready to get back into a schedule and start using my Day Designer again to get the most out of my days.

Thanks for reading,

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