Main Street Classics

Jacket // Striped Shirt // Jeans // Scarf (similar with same pattern) // Boots (on sale!) // Purse // Watch

This has become one of my go-to outfits this winter (besides the last week where it's been warm enough to wear shorts)! The classic pieces make it perfect for almost any weekend outing and will be even more practical when it actually gets cold again! If it hasn't been made clear by now, striped shirts are my absolute favorite and I love mixing patterns by adding my plaid Barbour scarf. 

Thanks for reading and I hope you all had a great holiday season,

Holiday Party Dress

Dress (on major sale with code 'BRSAVE'!) // Peacoat (on sale!)
Plaid Scarf (similar) // Anchor Necklace // Heels (similar)

I got this dress on major sale this weekend and already know I wil get plenty of use out of it. The classic shift style is so comfy and the ruffle at the bottom adds the cutest touch (not to mention it has pockets). While it is typically more of a summery dress, the right accessories make it perfect for the holidays! The dress brings out the red in the tartan scarf and adding heels and a classic peacoat make it the perfect holiday party ensemble.

This post is a collaboration with Daria who blogs at Country and Class. See how she styled her red dress for the holidays here!

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Holiday Baking

A few pictures from my macaron making fail last year.

Does anyone else have the urge to bake just about a million things during the holidays? 
I never have the time or patience to bake or cook anything while I'm at school, so now that it's winter break I'm hoping I can find some time to bake some festive treats (I already made a batch of my Grandma's yummy cake)! Here are a few recipes I pinned to my Pinterest that I am hoping I have the chance to try over the next two weeks.

These are my absolute favorite kind of cookies and decorating them is half the fun! I haven't had the chance to whip any of these up yet this year (I cheated in my last Intagram post and bought them :) but they are definitely at the top of my list!

Peppermint Fudge //
Caroline and Frannie made this in their blog post last week and it looked so good and easy to make!

Funfetti cake is always better than regular cake, so funfetti cookies must be so much better than regular cookies! They look so soft and would be amazing right out of the oven.

Christmas Crack //
The perfect mix of sweet and salty. My Grandma made this a few years ago and I could've eaten the entire batch (no wonder they call it Christmas crack).

Do y'all have any favorite recipes that you make during the holidays?

Winter Plaid

Shirt // Skirt (same style) // Boots (on sale!) // Purse 
Sunglasses (c/o Ditto; get your first month of subscription free with the code 'gimme glamour')

During our trip to Asheville a few weekends ago we spent one afternoon at the Grove Park Inn. The views from the hotel were amazing and the hot chocolate was too good. It was pretty warm but I still wanted to be in the holiday spirit, so I wore this festive button up from Vineyard Vines. I paired it with these red Ray Bans from Ditto that tied in perfectly with the red in the plaid. I love that with Ditto I am able to try out sunglasses that I normally wouldn't invest in like this red pair!

Thanks for reading,

Land Rover Experience at the Biltmore

Patagonia (the coziest sweatshirt!) // Nike Shoes

While at the Biltmore this weekend, my parents and I went off roading with Land Rover. Since this experience is only offered at three locations in the US, we had to take advantage of the opportunity! 
It was cool enough driving a 2016 Range Rover Sport but driving it on the dirt trails impressed all of us because they are capable of so much. We didn't expect the car to be able to handle the steep inclines and deep ruts, but the instructor assured us that going slowly would keep the car in its best condition and make it easier to go over more obstacles. None of us had ever done anything like it before so I was pretty nervous at first. Not only were you driving on side hills and ruts 3 feet deep, but you had to deal with gear changes too (to say the least, I was stressing). 
The Land Rover Experience was so fun and unlike anything I had ever done! I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity if you find yourself at one of their locations, no matter your driving experience!

Thanks for reading,

Fall Classics

Striped Shirt // Skirt (same style) // Jacket (similar) // Boots // Purse // Watch // Sunglasses

My family and I took a quick trip up to the Biltmore this weekend to see the Christmas decorations at the house. We took these pictures outside the Inn on the estate where they had the best mountain views after the fog cleared up! It was surprisingly warm for December (over 70 degrees on Saturday!) but I still wanted to dress like it was fall so I swapped my jeans for my favorite skirt and added a light jacket. 

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Cable Knit + Tartan

I finally got a chance to get some pictures of the outfit I wore to a Friendsgiving dinner (it's so inconvenient that the sun starts to go down at 4:00)! It's the same dress I wore on Thanksgiving day but I added a sweater on top and swapped my riding boots for my bean boots for a more casual look. I ordered this cozy sweater from Tuckernuck a while back and it finally got cold enough to wear it (of course it's 65 degrees as I am writing this but still :) 

Thanks for reading,

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