Holiday Baking

A few pictures from my macaron making fail last year.

Does anyone else have the urge to bake just about a million things during the holidays? 
I never have the time or patience to bake or cook anything while I'm at school, so now that it's winter break I'm hoping I can find some time to bake some festive treats (I already made a batch of my Grandma's yummy cake)! Here are a few recipes I pinned to my Pinterest that I am hoping I have the chance to try over the next two weeks.

These are my absolute favorite kind of cookies and decorating them is half the fun! I haven't had the chance to whip any of these up yet this year (I cheated in my last Intagram post and bought them :) but they are definitely at the top of my list!

Peppermint Fudge //
Caroline and Frannie made this in their blog post last week and it looked so good and easy to make!

Funfetti cake is always better than regular cake, so funfetti cookies must be so much better than regular cookies! They look so soft and would be amazing right out of the oven.

Christmas Crack //
The perfect mix of sweet and salty. My Grandma made this a few years ago and I could've eaten the entire batch (no wonder they call it Christmas crack).

Do y'all have any favorite recipes that you make during the holidays?

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