Land Rover Experience at the Biltmore

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While at the Biltmore this weekend, my parents and I went off roading with Land Rover. Since this experience is only offered at three locations in the US, we had to take advantage of the opportunity! 
It was cool enough driving a 2016 Range Rover Sport but driving it on the dirt trails impressed all of us because they are capable of so much. We didn't expect the car to be able to handle the steep inclines and deep ruts, but the instructor assured us that going slowly would keep the car in its best condition and make it easier to go over more obstacles. None of us had ever done anything like it before so I was pretty nervous at first. Not only were you driving on side hills and ruts 3 feet deep, but you had to deal with gear changes too (to say the least, I was stressing). 
The Land Rover Experience was so fun and unlike anything I had ever done! I highly recommend taking advantage of the opportunity if you find yourself at one of their locations, no matter your driving experience!

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