Striped Tee + Patriotic Baseball Cap

On most weekends (or days when I don't want to do my hair) I find myself reaching for a hat. I have at least 50 hats (not even exaggerating) from various golf tournaments over the years but it's always fun to have some more fashionable ones to wear with "real clothes" aka not just gym shorts and a t-shirt. This patriotic one from Port Royal Outfitters is the perfect addition to my wardrobe since most of my clothes are red, white, and blue but is a fun change of pace with the worn-in green color rather than my usual navy blue. Paired with a striped tee, simple shorts, and a pair of tennis shoes, it is the perfect go-to outfit. I got these sneakers a while back but have just started wearing them more because they go with most anything and are a fun alternative for Converse! 
One of my favorite outfits that I'm sure you've seen on the blog more than a few times is a striped tee with plain shorts. Once I find an outfit I really like, I tend to wear variations of the outfit by swapping out shoes and accessories to create whole new looks like I did with this one. I can already tell I will be wearing this outfit numerous times throughout this spring and summer!

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  1. Such a cute outfit! Love the hat.

    Rachel |


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