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Brunching has become a lifestyle and a crucial part of a blogger's weekend schedule recently. If you scroll through Instagram on a weekend morning, you are bound to see pictures upon pictures of bloggers feasting away on their weekly brunches. While I don't get the chance to go to brunch every weekend, I do try to include the occasional weekend brunch with friends in my diet. 
Since brunching has become so popular recently, some of my blogger friends and I decided to team up and share our go-to brunch look as well as our favorite brunch spots. All of their posts are linked at the bottom of this post and since we are all from different areas of the country, hopefully you can find a new brunch spot close to you to try out!
(Also, since this is a brunch post I had to mention this... have y'all seen Draper James' brunch collection?! Too cute.)

My Go-To Brunch Outfit

Gimme Glamour: Bloggers who Brunch. Classic/preppy off the shoulder look, Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, monogram necklace
Gimme Glamour: Bloggers who Brunch. Classic/preppy off the shoulder look, Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, monogram necklace
Gimme Glamour: Bloggers who Brunch. Cutout monogram necklace, Tory Burch pearl earrings
Gimme Glamour: Bloggers who Brunch. Classic/preppy off the shoulder look, Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, monogram necklace
Gimme Glamour: Bloggers who Brunch. Classic/preppy look, Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, flamingo striped scarf
Gimme Glamour: Bloggers who Brunch. Classic/preppy bow back off the shoulder look
Gimme Glamour: Bloggers who Brunch. Classic/preppy off the shoulder look, Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, monogram necklace

Off the Shoulder Top (on sale!) // Shorts // Sandals (similar) // Monogram Necklace

Since I usually find myself waking up just in time to barely make it to brunch before my reservation or before the brunch menu is no longer available, I try to keep my outfits pretty simple. While a dress is usually the easier route to go, I've had more motivation to switch it up when it comes to my brunch attire (although, my friends and I do end up heading to brunch in our pajamas more often than we would like to).
I got this top a month or so ago at Banana Republic and it has since become a staple in my wardrobe. I remember when off-the-shoulder tops started becoming popular I tried them on at nearly every store but they were all either too trendy or just didn't fit right. I stumbled across this one on sale at Banana Republic and it was exactly what I was looking for! I love that it's a solid color (navy, of course) and still has a classic look. I paired it with a lot of my go-to accessories and added a small scarf to my bag for a pop of color. As for my purse, my parents were kind enough to let me pick out something for my birthday/graduation. I knew this would be the perfect thing because I will use it for the rest of my life and think of the special occasions it represents each time I use it. 
This is my ideal brunch outfit because it's fun and put together, and the right balance between dressy and casual.

My Favorite Brunch Spots

Toast Cafe // Davidson, NC
Main Street Davidson, NC

Toast Cafe is my go-to brunch spot! I'm probably here at least once every other week. It has all the staples as far as breakfast foods go and is quick and fairly inexpensive. I always get the biscuits and gravy and they have the best corn bread with apple butter on weekends! It's located on Main Street in Davidson, so if you're visiting Davidson College I would definitely stop in for breakfast or brunch.

Fork! // Cornelius, NC
Chicken & waffles sandwich at Fork! in Cornelius, NC

For more gourmet versions of Southern brunch classics, Fork! is the best place to go. Situated in a house turned restaurant, it's the perfect spot to stop at in the morning or after church for brunch on the front porch. My favorite is the chicken & waffles sandwich. Fried chicken, waffles, bacon, and maple butter... is there really any better combination?

Terrace Cafe // Charlotte, NC
Chicken & waffles and french toast at Terrace Cafe in Charlotte, NC

Terrace Cafe is my go-to spot if I'm craving chicken & waffles. The malt waffles melt in your mouth and and you can even swap the regular waffle for a red velvet one (I've never been adventurous enough to try it). My mouth is watering just writing this post! I've never gotten anything other than the chicken & waffles at Terrace Cafe but everyone I've eaten there with has loved their meal and the line is always out the door to get in!

The Crispy Crêpe // Charlotte, NC

For a sweet treat, the Crispy Crêpe has the best breakfast options. They have nearly every flavor you could imagine when it comes to crêpes, waffles, and lattes (yes, that is a s'mores latte in the picture above). After trying a crêpe cooking class at William Sonoma, I think I will just stick with the Crispy Crêpe rather than trying to make my own, it was way harder than it looks!

Poogan's Porch // Charleston, SC

While I can't go here very often since it's not local to me,  Poogan's Porch is one of my absolute favorite restaurants for brunch. The classic Charleston style house and the decor make it the quintessential Southern breakfast spot- biscuits on the front porch? I think yes! Of course I had to opt for the chicken & waffles (it was a tough decision with biscuits and gravy and chicken & waffles and shrimp & grits on the menu)! Now, a trip to Charleston isn't complete without a trip to Poogan's Porch for a twist on a classic Southern dish.

Be sure to see what these girls are wearing and where they are eating for brunch in their posts!
Meg // Caroline // PJ // Frannie // Macy // Jessica // Sammy

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  1. I absolutely love your top and your Louis is gorgeous! I adore Toast and I almost went to Poogan's Porch for dinner when I went to Charleston so that's on my list the next time I'm there haha!


    1. Thanks Katie! Definitely make sure you schedule time to eat at Poogan's Porch next time not only is it SO cute but the food is sooo good :)

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