This Week 5/26/2016

I started off the week meeting Katie of Chic in Carolina for coffee. It was so fun catching up with her and talking about blog stuff with another blogger. Because it was National Wear Your Lilly Day we were both sporting our favorite Lilly outfits. We decided to snap some blog pictures and do a collab post sharing our Lilly outfits. You can see my outfit post here.

I think every summer I tell myself I am going to read more and end up reading one chapter of a book and giving up. This summer I already read one whole book (I'm so proud of myself)! I finished The Secret Life of Bees earlier this week and it has to be one of my favorite books I have read recently (The Boys on the Boat is right up there, too). It takes place in South Carolina in the 60s and is about a teenage girl who runs away from home to discover more about her family's past. I saw it on one of those lists for 'Books Everyone Should Read' and would definitely recommend this quick read!

The next few days I didn't have much to do so it was nice to have some time to just kind of lay around and hang out with friends. During this time I also watched an embarrassing amount of El Internado on Netflix. I talked about some of the other Spanish shows I watched in my post from a few weeks ago, but since finishing both of those I moved on to El Internado only to realize they are taking it off Netflix July 15!! So I really have to speed through if I want to finish all 7 seasons before they take it off :-)

On Friday my friend and I went to the mall to do some shopping and all I ended up coming home with was this striped phone case on sale from J. Crew. I needed a case that was more protective than my Minnie & Emma one since I destroyed my phone when I was using that case (the entire top right portion of the screen was gone). I had ordered the Minnie & Emma one online and when it came I realized it didn't protect the corners or top/bottom of the phone so I was not impressed with the case for how much it cost. While the one I picked up from J. Crew isn't nearly as protective as an Otterbox it actually covers all the sides/corners which is an upgrade! 
On the way home we stopped for donuts at Duck Donuts. We had both heard so much about them and had tried one at a friend's graduation party but wanted to see for ourselves what the hype was all about. It's so cool because you get to choose the icing, toppings, and drizzle for each donut to make your own flavor and my two favorites ended up being the cinnamon sugar with chocolate drizzle and the chocolate icing with salted caramel drizzle! The verdict: lives up to the hype and will definitely be going back (probably more often than we should).

What were you up to this week?
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  1. So fun catching up the other day! And I absolutely love Duck Donuts- way too delicious!



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