This Week 6/19/2016

Ok so I'm actually the worst and missed last week's post because I had absolutely no idea what day of the week it was (#justsummerthings, right?). A LOT happened this week so this is just a warning that this post will probably be very photo heavy.

Last Friday my best friends and I finally went to food truck Friday in Charlotte. It was something that had been on our to-do list forever and we finally had the time to make it down there for dinner. We opted for the Tin Kitchen taco truck and tested out the 'Wonut'. The gourmet tacos were the perfect choice and the Wonut was out of this world. It's a combination of a donut and waffle and all three of us chose the s'mores toppings. They were so good I think we all could've eaten ten of them haha.

S'mores dip is one of those recipes that you seem to see everywhere (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter) but never actually make. Well, I made it and it is a game changer. It takes five minutes, is less messy than s'mores, and tastes like something you would get at the Melting Pot! Highly recommend.
Quick tip: the recipe says to make it in a skillet but to avoid having to clean the sticky mess, make the dip in a tin pie pan so you can just throw it away when you're done!

On Saturday evening I had my graduation party (along with most everyone else at my school...I ended up going to three parties that afternoon and then straight to mine so I had zero time to take any good pictures of our decorations). I had such a great time celebrating with my friends and family, eating too many cupcakes and playing corn hole. Backstory about the corn hole board: Mod Podge is not as easy as it looks. I got the Elon logo printed at Staples and planned on Mod Podging it to the board and then sealing it with a gloss but it was a complete fail! I must have not done it right because the next day the logos pretty much fell off. At least they stayed on for the party and for the Instagram picture :)

On Monday I turned 18 and went to dinner at The Palm with my parents and my two best friends. The highlight of the dinner was definitely the dessert. We opted for the cinnamon donut holes and the 7-layer chocolate cake which were both so good but the cake didn't even compare to the warm donuts with chocolate sauce. After dinner I went and bought a few scratch-offs and I won $5!! Life as an adult sure is exciting :)

On Tuesday I graduated from high school and it still doesn't feel like it really happened. I keep thinking I have homework to do or have to pick out an outfit for school tomorrow and then realize I'm on summer break. But it sure is a nice plus to not have hours of summer work for AP classes this year :) Before the ceremony I was certain I would shed more than a few tears but I held myself together (I must be saving the waterworks for when I actually leave for college).

My friend Gabby and I thought we were so funny and went to a Bojangles restaurant to take a picture before graduation since the ceremony is held at Bojangles Coliseum. Our picture got quite a few favorites on Twitter so it was worth the trip haha :)

This morning my parents and I played a round of golf for Father's Day. I hadn't picked up a club since October so I was a little rusty but it was so fun to be back out on the course. For Father's Day, I ended up getting my dad this Yeti tumbler and Vineyard Vines golf shirt. I finally invested in a Yeti for myself too and it definitely lives up to the hype. My ice didn't melt for 12 hours! Everyone in my family is also a huge fan of Vineyard Vines golf wear. They make my absolute favorite golf polos because they don't wrinkle or show sweat and they look great!

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