This Week 7/17/2016: Hilton Head Island

I spent this past week with my family and two best friends at the beach on Hilton Head Island. It's my favorite beach to visit and loved the area we stayed in because we were on the beach, within walking distance of the Salty Dog, and could bike nearly anywhere. It was a really laid back week hanging out on the beach, eating too much ice cream and not worrying about hair or makeup.

Monday morning we woke up early to go paddle boarding. We had only done it on the river at the White Water Center, so it was fun to do a guided tour in the sound. It was surprisingly easy to get up and we paddled to a nearby beach so we could cool off in the water, but I didn't go in too far after seeing a few stingray swim by me! Since we paddle boarded out of South Beach Marina, we just walked over to the Salty Dog for lunch (I can't even count how many times we stopped by for chicken tenders & fries). After that we just hung out at beach and ordered Jake's pizza for dinner. After dinner my friends and I went mini golfing and got ice cream sundaes at the diner next door to the mini golf place. For some reason we thought we needed a sundae and a huge piece of chocolate cake... we couldn't finish either and felt like we were going to explode!

Tuesday morning we woke up early again to go on the banana boat. For some reason it is the least popular activity but we thought it was so fun! We were crying from laughter the whole time because we kept falling off and looked so stupid in our goggles. After spending the afternoon at the beach we grabbed dinner at Hudson's. It's the cutest place on the water and has my favorite hushpuppies ever! I tried the shrimp & grits and it was sooo good. See what I wore to dinner in this post.

Wednesday we biked to breakfast at a café in Harbor Town. One of my favorite things about staying in Sea Pines is being able to bike basically anywhere! We took it easy the rest of the day and hung out at the beach, had dinner at Salty Dog, and played a ton of Scrabble and Scattergories.

Thursday morning we walked over to Lands End Tavern for breakfast where they had the best homefries (basically breakfast french fries) and hung out at the beach all day. For dinner we ate under the lighthouse in Harbour Town at the Quarterdeck. The highlight of the meal was the molten lava cake (we ended up ordering a second one after eating the first too quickly)! After dinner we had to stop by to see Gregg Russel. The kids he brings up on stage are always too funny!

Friday morning we woke up early and went for a bike ride on the beach and then treated ourselves to s'mores cinnamon rolls for breakfast. We were kind of tired of laying in the sun every day so we watched too much HGTV and Disney channel and then headed to the pool. We didn't feel like putting on real clothes  so we just grabbed pizza at the Mellow Mushroom. We all agreed that we packed more real clothes than we needed and not enough  t-shirts and shorts but a trip to the Salty Dog t-shirt store fixed our problem pretty quickly :)

Saturday morning was our last day so we woke up early and took some blog pictures on the beach. After packing up the car we had breakfast at the Hilton Head Diner again before heading home. I got the pecan waffle with hash browns again and it was sooo good. I know I'm going to be making my own pecan waffles at home now. The drive home ended up being 2 hours longer than it should've been but our Disney playlist made the ride more enjoyable :)

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  1. Looks like a great trip! Especially love the cute photos. Hilton Head is so fun!

    Ashley //

  2. Looks like such a fun trip, Renee! I haven't been to Hilton Head in years but it looks like such an awesome time!



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