This Week 7/24/2016

My mom and I started out the week with a trip to Southpark Mall. We had some stuff to return and pick up so we used it as an excuse to grab lunch at Phillips Place. We always tell ourselves we need to try the Wolfgang Puck restaurant there but never actually do, but we finally tried the Chinese chicken salad. We also got a chance to check out the Nordstrom Sale but weren't too impressed with the clothing options. Most of the week was spent bopping around to Target to pick up dorm stuff from my never-ending list and watching Netflix (I just started Malcom in the Middle and it's too funny). 

On Thursday my friend and I grabbed lunch and made the trek over to the Cabarrus Creamery for ice cream cookie sandwiches after seeing them featured in Southern Living Magazine. We definitely should've just split one because each one had two ginormous cookies with three generous scoops of ice cream in between... but boy were they good. I ended up getting chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream on chocolate chip cookies (sticking to the classics).

On Saturday I went roller skating for my friend's birthday! I hadn't been roller skating since middle school and it was so fun that I want to buy my own roller skates now. I was also really proud of myself because I didn't fall once :) That evening I went to my best friend's graduation party which was so fun (and had the best food... you can't go wrong with pasta and cupcakes).

Today my dad and I played nine holes after lunch and despite it being 95 degrees I had so much fun. I had only picked up a club once or twice since the school season ended in October and I stopped playing competitively, but I was ready to get back in the swing of things (pun intended) and get back on the course!

What were you up to this week?
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  1. Looks like you had a fun week! Now I really want an ice cream sandwich!
    xo, Scarlett
    The Trendy Chick


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