This Week 7/31/2016

I can't believe tomorrow is the start of August already (T minus 26 days until move in)! I got my housing assignment and schedule on Wednesday so now it has finally hit me that I'm heading to college in no time. Speaking of college, a few fun college themed posts are coming to the blog this week! I didn't do much this week but it's always nice to have a lazy day (or week) to watch some Netflix and write some blog posts. The most exciting thing I did this week was go jeans shopping with my dad which is so frustrating to me. We went to two malls over four hours and I can't even count how many pairs I tried on. It seems impossible to find a pair that is long enough, has no holes and isn't legging material. My absolute favorites are the 7 For All Mankind Roxanne jeans but they were discontinued. After that stressful trip we treated ourselves to gelato at Va Da Vie.
One thing worth mentioning is the Gilmore Girls revival series. I finally watched the date announcement video and I was almost in tears watching it. Gilmore Girls is one of my favorite shows (I watched the whole series twice on Netflix) I can't wait for it to come out in November!! I almost want to watch the whole series again before it comes out...

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