This Week 7/3/2016

The beginning of my week was pretty slow (and included too much Netflix, once again). On Monday morning I met my friend Khadija for iced coffee and blog pictures in town for my brunch collab. My go-to has been an iced salted caramel mocha.

One morning my mom and I ate brunch at one of my favorite brunch spots that I featured in my brunch collab post and did some shopping at Southwark Mall. It was a no-brainer to order the chicken and waffles.

On Friday, my parents and I flew out to Chicago to see my grandparents and celebrate my grandpa's birthday! I always love visiting Chicago and it was nice to come in the summertime when there's no snow or freezing temps. After arriving we had lunch at Mon Ami Gabi where I had the best dessert: creme puffs with ice cream in the middle and topped with chocolate sauce. For dinner we went to our favorite spot for thin crust pizza, Aurelio's.

On Saturday we headed downtown for lunch and shopping. We ate lunch at the RL Grill, which is such a fun place to go. They have great décor and delicious food. I tried the lobster roll this time around and I would have to say it was the best one I've ever had! The lobster chunks were huge, it had a very generous amount of butter, and the bun was toasted to perfection. Oh boy was it good!!

After lunch and a little window shopping we decided to do a riverboat tour. Every time we go downtown we say how fun it would be to do one of the tours but never actually do it so I was glad we had the chance to finally check it off our list! We ended up doing the architectural tour which was really interesting.

That night we had dinner on the patio at the country club and I had a chicken parmesan sandwich the size of four sandwiches. I passed out as soon as I got home and got some much needed rest after a day of walking around the city.

This morning my grandma made German apple pancakes after mass. This is my absolute favorite breakfast treat but we can never make it as good as my grandma so it's always special to have it when we visit! Today is my grandpa's birthday, so we are headed to The Capital Grill for dinner.

Have a great week!
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  1. Love your This Week posts, Renee! Looks like you had such a fun week!



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