Dorm Haul: What I'm Bringing to College

For the second part to our three part collab, Caroline, Frannie, Nicole and I will be sharing what we bought for college on our blogs. I don't have quite everything yet and I'm well aware that I'm probably overpacking, but I feel like it's unavoidable as a freshman. I don't know exactly what's necessary yet, but this is what I've gathered based on the million college packing lists I've seen on Pinterest! I decided to keep it simple and go for a navy and white theme (because what else).

Although white bedding is a little risky I figured I would go for it. I love the clean, crisp look and that I can have fun patterned sheets underneath. I will most likely be adding way more throw blankets than I need (at least it will help keep my bedding nice and clean). Does anyone else always make their room super cold so they can sleep with like five blankets?! We made sure to invest in a good mattress topper because the mattresses in the dorm are not the most comfy thing. I ordered this cooling gel topper on sale from Kohl's and I already know my bed at school will probably be more comfy than my bed at home!
A lot of the desk accessories I am bringing to school overlap with yesterday's post. I want my desk to be simple and organized so I avoided busy patterns. Then I can use the same stuff in my dorms for years to come since they are neutral! A lot of what I got are finds from Home Goods, so I linked some similar items.

Closet & Organization
I have a wardrobe in my dorm, so I don't have much room to work with in there but I do plan on maximizing the space under my bed for extra storage. I am going to store my laundry bag, 3-drawer cart, and shoe storage under there (along with everything else I end up stuffing in there).

When looking at college packing guides, I kept seeing so many things I wouldn't have thought of. I obviously had to stock up on things like power strips and command hooks but I hadn't considered an ice cube tray or flashlight. 

Check out Caroline, Frannie, and Nicole's blogs to see what they are bringing to college this year!
See yesterday's post here featuring some fun desk accessories.

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  1. I have white bedding too, I think It'll look super clean & crisp!
    xo, Syd

  2. I love your color scheme/ bedding, Renee! I had a similar train of thought with the white bedding but I just couldn't trust myself not to get it dirty. Can't wait to see the finished product once you're moved in :) XO, Nicole //


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