Dorm Shopping Guide: Desktop Accessories

It seems like once we hit August everyone's mindset automatically shifts to back-to-school. This year is a little different because I'm starting my freshman year of college! (Read about where I'm headed to school this fall here). I leave in about four weeks and I know a bunch of schools head back earlier, so it's crunch time for getting all your dorm stuff together. Caroline, Frannie, Nicole and I decided to team up for a series of posts as we get ready to head to school this fall. Today we are each covering a different category of the dorm and sharing some inspiration for décor and organization. All of their posts will be linked at the bottom of this post!
The desk is a very important part of the room because it's where you do your schoolwork and you need to be productive there. I think it's important that there's not too much clutter on top of the desk and that everything has a function. It's easy to get carried away adding little trinkets and knick knacks that look cute, but if they don't serve much of a purpose they end up taking up space in your shoebox of a dorm room. All of these desk accessories are very neutral and simple so they can be incorporated into your dorm no matter what color scheme you have decided on!

I couldn't talk about desk supplies without highlighting some of my favorite planners (they even deserved their own graphic). Although I stopped using my planner this year, I've seen so many cute ones for this school year that make me want to go back to using one! I love having cute notebooks and notepads on hand because I seem to have a million running lists of various things. I picked out some cute (and functional!) planners and notebooks to keep you on track during this school year.

This is a collaboration post with some of my favorite bloggers! We are each sharing décor and organization pieces in different categories to add to your dorm this year.
Check Caroline's blog for some fun bedding options.
Nicole is talking about organizing your dorm closet on her blog.
Check Frannie's blog for rugs and pillows to spice up your space.

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  1. I'm loving all your picks! You even picked out a few desk items that I picked up last weekend when I was dorm shopping... Great minds think alike I guess ;) So glad we got to collab today... Can't wait for the posts tomorrow & Wednesday! XO, Nicole //

  2. I adore the goodies you picked out for a dorm desk! Everything is so classic and pretty - perfect to dress up an otherwise boring desk!

  3. Omg, I. Need. That. Pinboard.

    xoxo, Fran


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