This Week 8/21/2016

I've been a bit M.I.A. the past two weeks and missed last week's recap post. Most all of my friends have left for college (I leave this Friday!) so I've been busy getting all of my college stuff together and making the most of my time at home with friends.

Tuesday afternoon I grabbed lunch on the lake with another blogger from Charlotte, Katie of Chic in Carolina. We have grabbed coffee a few times before so it was fun to catch up.
That evening my friends and I went ice skating. We had been meaning to go ice skating for three years, so we had to check it off our lists before we headed off to college. I forgot how fun it was and don't know why ice skating in the summer isn't more popular! It's the perfect way to cool off :)

Thursday evening I went with three other friends to the Kieth Urban concert. I don't know why it took  me so long to go to one of the outdoor country concerts... country music is my favorite and the last concert I went to was Justin Bieber freshman year!

Last night I finally went to a Charlotte Knights game in their new stadium. It's right in the center of downtown, so it has the best view! Even though we lost, it was a successful night because we were able to indulge in corn dogs and ice cream.

After church this morning, my parents and I ate brunch at the Tupelo Honey Cafe. We had tried to go there before but the wait was so long so we made a reservation and finally made our way down there and I am so glad we did. I got their most popular dish, the Shoo Mercy Pancakes which had applewood smoked bacon, pecans, fried chicken and maple syrup on top. I don't think I could think of a more perfect meal.

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