This Week 8/28/2016

This week feels like it has been so long!! It has been filled with too many trips to Target, hanging out with friends from home and getting acclimated with life at college. On Tuesday I finished getting everything I needed for my dorm and grabbed lunch at a local restaurant, Kindred, with my mom, one of my best friends and her mom. It's the new hot spot and has been featured in tons of magazines but I never got around to trying it. I ordered the shrimp roll and it was the perfect summer meal to eat on the patio. Kindred also has the best d├ęcor!

Later my dad and I took blog pictures for this post. Afterwards we treated ourselves to a corn dog and tater tots at Whataburger. We also finally tried a witch doctor which tasted surprisingly good considering the ingredients... you can see for yourself here.

Wednesday was my last day to hang out with friends from home that hadn't left for school yet so we ended up going to Southpark mall and then bowling and for lava cakes at Chili's. Fun fact that I don't think I have mentioned on here is that I love Chili's. It's so fun to go there and split dessert with friends (and it's usually less expensive that going for ice cream)!

Thursday was spent packing and organizing for move in day. We left at 5:30 AM on Friday for Elon for an 8 AM move in time. Move in went surprisingly smooth! By the time I had picked up my keys all my stuff was waiting outside my door for me. Elon has orientation right before classes start rather than during the summer so I have been busy with all the orientation festivities the last few days. Saturday morning was new student convocation where President Lambert spoke and all the new students received an acorn. I love this tradition because Elon translates to 'Oak' in Hebrew so each student receives an acorn as a freshman and then at graduation they are given an oak sapling so they can go plant their roots!

Its been a great (and busy) week but I am so excited to finally be at Elon and starting this new adventure. Classes start on Tuesday so wish me luck :)

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  1. I have yet to go to Kindred, definitely need to haha! Love your picture with your acorn, so cute! Can't wait to see pictures of your dorm and more about your freshman year!



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