This Week 8/7/2016

At the beginning of the week I posted three new posts as part of a fun college collab with Nicole, Caroline and Frannie. We posted about dorm shopping, what we are bringing to college and our freshman year bucket list! These posts were so fun and there will be more like these in the future. 

The rest of the week consisted of more dorm room shopping with friends and a night at Exit Strategy. My friends and I had been wanting to go to Exit Strategy for almost a year but never made it over there until this week. Exit Strategy is one of the places where you are trapped in a room and have an hour to figure out clues to escape. We did the Bank Heist themed one where we had to break into a bank and steal a diamond. Even though we weren't able to escape it was so fun and we already want to go back!

The past three days were spent in Charleston. I will be doing a separate post talking about where I ate, shopped and stayed during our trip later this week!

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