Best of 2016

As much as everyone on social media seems to have hated 2016, I definitely had some great moments this past year. I know everyone says this, but I honestly can't believe that 2017 is tomorrow! It feels like there should still be a few weeks left in the year... 
Some of my favorite moments in 2016 were voting for the first time, graduating high school and starting school at Elon, going on a trip to the beach with my best friends, and making new friends at school! I thought it would be fun to look back on my stats to see what my most popular blog posts were throughout the year were and share them in this post.

My Freshman Year Bucket List For Elon
I can already check off going to Cookout at midnight (this has probably happened more than a dozen times), attending college coffee, visiting a friend at their college and attending the President's Christmas party!

Hope you all had an amazing year!
What was your favorite memory of 2016?
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