Transitioning To Fall

Although it's already halfway through October, it is just now starting to feel like Fall in North Carolina. We had a few cool days earlier, but now I think the Fall weather is here to stay! This sleeveless plaid top is perfect for this weather because the pattern is perfect for the season and the style is practical for achieving a layered look when the weather isn't quite cool enough for it. I love the classic colors in this plaid and the peplum and ribbon details are perfect! I bought this top from Nordstrom not too long ago, but I can't seem to find it anywhere online! I also didn't want to do a denim on denim look so I went for white jeans after Labor Day and love how it tied in with the white accents in my top. Now that it's finally cool enough out for pants and long sleeves I'm so excited dress for the Fall season!

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Friday Finds 9/22/2017

I didn't have much time to do any shopping this week, so I've compiled some interesting finds in the form of links rather than clothes. Enjoy!

There was something I knew I wanted to talk about but kept forgetting every time I sat down to write my Friday Finds post, but I remembered this time! Thomas Rhett's new album is so so good. It's pretty much all my friends and I have listened to since the day it came out. We all think Life Changes is the cutest song on the album because it's pretty much his life story in a song. Have you listened to it? Comment your favorite song right now (I'm always looking for suggestions)!

Evelyn Henson just released a ton of new prints! I've followed her on Instagram but never really checked out her site until now and she offers so many cute and funny mugs!

I'm always one to download a software update as soon as it is available and I was so excited for the new iOS11 system. My favorite features are that you can now make a live photo into a video or boomerang and that you can follow friends and listen to their playlists on Apple Music! Read about other new updates here.

The time has come: Pinterest sub-boards! I love this idea because fashion can be pretty broad so now you can break it down into fall fashion, shoes, accessories, or a food board into desserts, healthy recipes, and so on. This will make pins easier to find and will be more pleasing for people like me who like to have folders within folders within folders in their documents. 

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Making the Most of Your College Bathroom

College bathrooms are probably the farthest thing from cute.
Horrible lighting, plain walls, and a shower curtain that makes you feel like you're in a hospital.
I wasn't planning on doing much to the bathroom when I moved into my apartment, but adding some cute and functional storage and personal touches of decoration has made getting ready in the morning much more enjoyable. 
I loved adding my personal touch with these monogrammed towels from Marley Lilly. Monogrammed towels were on my list of things to get last year when I was moving in for freshman year but I never got around to it, so I'm so glad I'm able to incorporate these ones into my decor this year!

My parents laughed at me for hanging this sign in the bathroom and I'm completely aware that it has nothing to do with a bathroom but I had no place for this and it happened to match the grey shower curtain!

My roommate and I added this three tier cart from Target to store other beauty products we might need to keep in reach like hair products and styling tools.

Using this basket from the dollar section at Target makes my side of the counter seem cleaner than it really is. I can throw all of my daily essentials in there and they all stay together and somewhat organized rather than sprawled out across the counter!

Thank you to Marley Lilly for the towels!

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My Favorite Gingham Dress

Dress (similar here and here) | Denim Jacket | Purse | Sunglasses | Sandals | Monogram Ring

This is hands down my favorite dress of the summer. It's kind of a romper because it has shorts underneath, but I love that it just looks like a baby-doll dress with the cutest belle sleeves! It's so easy to wear because of the shorts, and I have it in two colors so my friends are probably tired of seeing me wear it. But as the weather cools down, I don't plan to put it away until next summer because it looks just as cute with a denim jacket over it for fall! I wore this for my first day of class because the weather was surprisingly cool for August and know I will be wearing variations of this look throughout the season. Bring on the fall weather!

Thank you to my friend Chrissy for taking these photos!
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Friday Finds 9/15/2017

Hi y'all! I'm so relieved it's finally Friday, this week has felt so long and I am so ready for the weekend. I found a few cute new finds for the upcoming fall season. (That little cool spell we had is over now, and I'm already so over the warm weather again)! One of my favorite finds was this pair of scalloped flats from Sam Edelman! They look identical to the Chloé ones and are a fraction of the price- and the suede is so cute for fall.

Since I'm staring at either my phone or computer pretty much the whole day, I decided to test out some digital screen protection glasses. I've been having ocular migraines and my eyes get so tired working on the computer, so I hope this will help! If not, they will at least look cute :) 

I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan, but I saw this video release for PBTeen's Harry Potter collection and I think it looks so cool and well-done! Before I clicked on the video I thought it would look kind of tacky but I love how classy and tasteful it turned out!

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Bundling Up For Fall

Thank you to my friend, Chrissy, for taking these photos!

Since the start of September I have been so ready for Fall. With the cooler weather in the mornings it's definitely felt like October already (and the Fall candles and apple cider I've been drinking have definitely helped a little). It's that weird time of year for weather where you walk to class shivering and are dripping in sweat on the way back in the afternoon. This plaid monogrammed scarf is perfect to bundle up in on the way to class (or while studying in the library) and then throw in your bag when it gets warmer later in the day! I have a similar cashmere scarf that I love since it's basically a blanket you can wear in public, so I know I'm going to get tons of use out of this one! I love the plaid for fall and how neutral this black and white print is, and it pairs so well with white jeans if you're into breaking fashion rules and wearing white post-Labor Day. Marley Lilly has a bunch of different patterns and styles to bundle up in this Fall (and of course, everything comes monogrammed)! 

Who else is ready for fall?
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The Value of a Summer Internship

Classes have just started up again, which means summer jobs and internships have ended for the year. I've had time to reflect on how I spent my summer and am so glad I chose to spend my summer as an intern.
Because I didn't have much experience and had only taken two classes in my major, there weren't too many paid internship options for me, so I ended up taking a position as an unpaid intern. I spent a lot of time debating whether I should do an unpaid internship or work at a local retail store. It can definitely seem like a waste of time to spend time working an unpaid position when you could be working at a local restaurant or boutique for a good income, and while it may seem that way in the short term, the skills you acquire through an internship don't compare to those at a typical summer job. I'm so grateful for the opportunity to have worked with a local chapter of the nonprofit, The First Tee, this summer to promote teaching golf and life skills to young kids in Charlotte and gaining real life experience in the communications field.

Here are my top four reasons for pursuing an internship:

See What Working in Your Prospective Industry is Like
This is a big one. Testing out that particular niche and seeing if it's something you could see yourself doing after you graduate college is something you should do early on. There are so many different routes I could go with in the communications field (and every single one sounds interesting to me!) so it was important to experience working in one of those areas to see if it's something I want to continue to pursue, or if I should shift my focus elsewhere.

Make Connections With Professionals in Your Industry
An internship is a great place to get your foot in the door in your respective industry. Grab lunch or coffee with someone in your office or a professional in your industry that is from your city and learn more about them and their story. Having a conversation with someone is not only more meaningful and interesting, but you will develop a much better relationship and connection with that person than if you had just connected with them on LinkedIn!

Experience Working in an Office Environment 
This was a actually my first job ever! I never had a job during high school because I was always traveling to play in golf tournaments during the summer and playing golf after school the rest of the year, so this was my first experience working in an office. Working in a real office is not only good for your resume, but you will also develop skills for your future job that you might not have gained otherwise. Learning to collaborate with others, meet deadlines, and learn from mistakes in a professional environment can be intimidating, but as an intern I didn't feel that there was as much pressure on me. Additionally, when it comes time for an interview elsewhere you will have specific examples of how you solved a problem or implemented a new strategy in a real business!

Spend Time Doing What You Love
I felt that I had a much more fulfilling summer devoting my time to an organization I was passionate about than if I had spent my summer folding clothes at a local boutique (not to say that can't be fulfilling as well). Each day was different and exciting and I felt productive learning more about communications and using what I learned in class in the real world to help a real business.

You don't have to intern with the biggest, most well-known company to have a good internship experience. As a rising sophomore in college I wasn't worried about landing a job after graduation yet, so getting experience and learning more about my prospective industry were the most important reasons I decided to pursue an internship.

What did you spend your summer doing?
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Friday Finds 8/18/2017

I've been doing a lot more shopping this week (both online and in stores) so I've got plenty of things I have purchased and added to my wishlist to share with you! J. Crew just released a ton of great new arrivals and I've been seeing so many great things for Fall in stores. All of a sudden last week I felt so ready for Fall and Thanksgiving, so bring on the cool weather! 
I move back into school next week so I'm trying to sort out all the clothes I want to bring (definitely have to limit myself). ICYMI, I did a post with Lucy sharing our tips for college freshmen! Give it a read if you're starting college this year (or even if you're going back as a sophomore, junior or senior)!

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5 Things to do Your First Semester as a College Freshman

I know for most students at Elon, Fall semester is a bit more manageable than Spring semester, which seems to not want to give your schedule a break. Because you might have a bit more time on your hands Fall semester, it's important to capitalize on that time and do things that will help you in the future. I'm collaborating with Lucy from Daily Dose of Prep to put together a list of things we did our  first semester of college that we found extremely beneficial, which I hope will be of help to any of you starting college this year! Be sure to check out Lucy's tips on her blog, she posts nearly every day so she has plenty of content I know y'all will love!

Create a Resume With an Advisor
One thing I am so glad I did early on is develop a relationship with the career advising staff at school and create and refine my resume. I didn't have the greatest looking resume going into college (just a random unorganized list), so it was so helpful to have an advisor look at it and help transform it into something that represented my skills and accomplishments better. Doing this early on was really beneficial for me because come second semester, applications for officer positions in clubs and summer jobs/internships are released, you will already have your resume ready to go! Going along with this I would highly recommend getting started making a digital resume on LinkedIn and connecting with people you know (I honestly think updating my LinkedIn and connecting with people is so fun).

Test Out Different Organizations
I can guarantee you're going to end up signing up for more organizations than you have time for at the org fair. You don't want to miss out on any awesome organizations or waste your time committing to ones you aren't passionate about so I recommend tagging along with a friend to their club meetings and attending interest meetings for numerous organizations to see what they're all about. It may seem overwhelming at first, but your freshman year is the time to determine what organizations reflect your interests and which ones are a good use of your time (and which ones aren't).

Interview Practice
Having never done an interview before, doing a mock interview with a career advisor boosted my confidence going into an interview for an on campus position. If you don't have mock interviews available at your school, consider doing an informational interview by grabbing coffee with a business professional. Because you aren't actually being interviewed for a job, it is less stressful and you can practice talking in a more professional setting and learn from people in the industry. I had one of these this summer and it was so interesting to chat with someone in the field I am interested in and see if that is somewhere I can picture myself after graduation. Both of these helped me prepare for interviews and feel more confident talking about different aspects of my resume and experiences.

Start Building Credit
Before I left for college I got a credit card specifically for college students so I could start building credit. College students are clearly on a budget, so keep your expenses low and at a rate you know you can pay off in time. I limited mine to gas and grocery store costs and made sure I paid my bills on time. This not only builds credit so you can lease an apartment or buy a car in the future, but it makes the idea of paying bills and handling money a little less daunting in the future.

Read the Newspaper
For my communications class we were required to read the newspaper every day. I was already in the habit of watching the evening news most nights so I had a general idea of what was going on in the world, but I found that reading the newspaper (not the whole thing, just the first page of each section!) made me so much more aware of current events. Having this basic understanding of world news not only helped me in my com classes but in most all of my classes because I was able to relate what we were learning to what is going on in the world. Most digital newspapers (like NYT and WSJ) offer student discounts to access articles on their sites, so take advantage of them!

Be sure to read Lucy's blog post sharing her tips for college freshmen!
Are you are getting ready to start your freshman year of college?
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Friday Finds 8/11/2017

A few finds from online shopping this week:
My favorite? This Hydro Flask water bottle that holds a ton and keeps my water cool.
The Bachelorette ended this Monday and I bet some of y'all are already experiencing withdrawals... luckily I stumbled across the premiere of Jimmy Kimmel's Baby Bachelor in Paradise and thought it was too funny (they also have the Baby Bachelor and Baby Bachelorette)! Hopefully these will keep you entertained until Bachelor in Paradise premieres in a few weeks.

I also just ordered an Elon print from Madeline & Company! I was so excited to see that Elon was one of the schools featured and had to get my hands on a print to hang in my dorm room. 
(Major throwback to when I met Madeline 2 years ago!)

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Heels for High-Heel-Haters

I would definitely identify myself as a high-heel-hater.
I'm someone who has avoided wearing high heels at all costs since the first time I tried to wear heels. They were always falling off or too tight or too tall and at 5' 8" I didn't feel like I needed to go through all that pain for the extra height. When I got the notification that I would have to wear heels each day of sorority recruitment I already dreaded it. I decided to start the hunt for a reasonably comfortable pair of heels that I could make it through the week in and stumbled across the perfect pair at Target.
These are the most comfortable heels I've ever worn! They're only 2.5" tall so you get a little bit of a boost at a comfortable height. The best part? They're under $30. I've already had the chance to wear them multiple times and they immediately dress up an outfit without putting you through the pain associated with high heels.
They also have a taller version (still under $30!) that reminds me of these Steve Madden ones if you're more comfortable in heels!

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4 Tips I Picked Up My Freshman Year of College

The school year is quickly approaching and I'm sure a lot of y'all are like me and want to try out new techniques each semester to improve my productivity and success in school. I've rounded up a couple tips and tricks that I incorporated into my regular study system that I hope will help y'all out!

Photo by Cathleen Slagle 

Google Docs Add-ons
I'm sure a lot of y'all use Google Docs for your schoolwork like I do and I recently found something that totally changes the game when it comes to essay-writing. I don't know if I'm just late to the game on discovering the Add-ons section of Google Docs but it has some great features. Just click the button labeled 'Add-ons' next to 'Help' on the menu and you can add in all sorts of apps including Easy Bib. By adding the Easy Bib app, you can make all of your citations directly within your document and it will even create your works cited page for you. Added bonus: it will cite APA for free unlike on the website!

Listen To Pink Noise While Studying
When I need to focus in the library I found that pink noise works best for me to block out any distractions. I didn't even know pink noise was a thing until I read an article about it in the paper. It's different from white noise and sounds kind of like a combination of rain and TV static. I like that it's just one constant noise so I can hear it but it doesn't distract me while trying to concentrate on studying.
This is my favorite one to listen to!

Awake Bars > Coffee
If you're not much of a coffee drinker but need that extra caffeine to get you through finals week, caffeinated chocolate is the way to go! A friend mentioned Awake Bars to me and they are a game changer. It's a caffeinated bar of chocolate with 100 mg of caffeine making it the equivalent of a cup of coffee. It just tastes like a completely normal chocolate bar (I prefer the caramel flavor) and is what helped me survive finals week. They sell them on my campus and in some Targets! (Disclaimer: This is not sponsored by Awake I just love them a lot :)

Use the Pomodoro Technique 
I often find myself getting sidetracked in the library or being unproductive multitasking. It's 2017 and it's hard to part with your phone or social media for a few hours while you work in the library. I started using pomodoro timers to make my time studying more productive. With this system, you work for 25 minutes and then take a break for 5 or 10 minutes. I usually put my phone away for those 25 minutes and then use the break to check social media or respond to text messages. I use the website Tomato Timer and the app Focus Keeper.

Good luck on this next semester!
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Friday Finds 8/4/17

As I'm gearing up to head back to college I've been shopping around online to stock up on the basics. One of my favorite finds has been GapBody pajamas. I love the shirt design that says 'Nap' on it and not only is it cute, it's so so soft. I've been pairing them with the poplin shorts which are so much lighter than the running shorts I typically wear to sleep. Everything at Gap is 40% off with the code FFSALE! 
I have to rave about these Ferragamo loafers that are on major sale. I got them at the beginning of the summer from the Shopbop sale after I wore a hole through my go-to loafers and decided it was time for an upgrade. They are on sale now for more than 50% off and I can't recommend them enough. They are classy and neutral and go with everything, but are still really unique, and the soft leather makes them unbelievably comfortable! 
I'm also interested in checking out Ali Webb's book after hearing her interview on the NPR podcast 'How I Built This' about how she created Drybar. I love Drybar products (sadly don't have a salon location near me) and would love to see all of Ali's tips and tricks. 

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Recent Reads No. 2

This summer I told myself I wanted to read more books since my 'to read' list on my phone seems to be never-ending. I've made a good dent in my list and wanted to share with y'all what I've been reading lately!

Women Who Work by Ivanka Trump
This is hands down my favorite book I've read recently. I didn't know much about Ivanka so it was interesting reading about her experiences working in real estate, then for the Trump Organization and then moving on to create her own business. The book is a compilation of her life experiences and advice as well as wise words from people she admires and has taken advice from (there is a lot of information in this book). Now I keep checking the Ivanka Trump HQ website for more info and advice each week!

18 Holes With Bing by Nathaniel Crosby
After my parents both read this book they said it had to be my next read. Before reading this book the only thing I associated Bing Crosby with was Christmas music, so I'm glad I have a better idea of who he was. It was really interesting because so many people described him as a golfer who sang for a living because golf was his true passion. Highly recommend this read for those who play golf!

The Magnolia Story by Chip and Joanna Gaines
This was a really quick and fun read. I wasn't sure if it would be a waste of a read since I've seen all of Fixer Upper and wondered what else would I need to know about them? It ended up being a really cute story about how Chip and Jo met and how they started flipping houses. It made me like the show even more!

The Zookeeper's Wife by Diane Ackerman
Even though this is a nonfiction book, it reads like a fiction book because it is based off the diary of Antonina Żabiński. The book is always better than the movie, so I skipped seeing the movie and opted to read the book. It's a different kind of World War II book because it doesn't focus so much on the fighting but rather how it impacted this specific community and how citizens dealt with and survived the war. 

Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand 
This one is actually on my to read list that's piling up on my nightstand right now. I saw half of the movie in history class a few years ago and really liked it so I figured it would be good to read the book (the book is always better, right?).

The Swamp by Eric Bolling
Eric was my favorite host on The Five so I knew I had to pick this up when it was released at the end of June. It pretty much just exposed all kinds of past political scandals and why things need to change in Washington. Really interesting and I love his sarcastic sense of humor. 

Read my last Recent Reads post here.

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What I Ate + Did In NOLA

To describe my recent trip to New Orleans, I did a lot of eating and a lot of walking. 
Here's a list of restaurants I ate at and things I did while on my trip:


This was one of my favorite restaurants we ate at on our trip. Shrimp & grits is one of my two favorite meals and Emeril's version at NOLA was up there on the list of my all time favorite! (I think the most crucial piece of information about this restaurant is that they put bacon on pretty much everything)!

Red Dog Diner
This diner on Magazine street was one of the places we stopped for brunch during the week. One of my favorite things about New Orleans was that you can get breakfast food most anywhere at any time of day. I got the candied pecan waffle with bacon and hash browns and my parents both got eggs benedict. All our food was awesome and the décor in the restaurant was really cool.

Mr. B's Bistro
If you need a break from seafood and cajun food, this is the place to go in the French Quarter. The truffle butter filet mignon was awesome.

This was a little spot located inside our hotel, The Roosevelt. They had the best rocky road ice cream and made-to-order beignets with chocolate sauce!

Cafe Du Monde
I was afraid this beignet spot wouldn't live up to the hype but Cafe Du Monde had my favorite beignets! We went kind of early so there was no wait which was awesome! The beignets had a pound of powdered sugar on them (just how I like it) and the frozen cafe au lait was perfect to start off the day.

We stopped in this restaurant in Jackson Square to take a break from the heat and grab a snack. I just got french fries but my parents split a shrimp po' boy, which was the best one they said they had on the trip! The decor in the restaurant is really nice and the spot is perfect for listening to music and people watching.

Acme Oyster House
This place always had a long line outside and the concierge at our hotel recommended it to us so we had to try it out. The char grilled oysters were so so good but we weren't really impressed with our entrees. I would just stop in for appetizers and get the oysters, but skip dinner here.

Bourbon House
This restaurant on Bourbon Street is decorated so nice and a sort of oasis from the craziness of Bourbon Street. The barbecue shrimp and grits was so so good, but, sadly, our entrees weren't anything special.

Cafe Beignet
This was the first spot we went to grab a snack after arriving in NOLA. Some say the beignets here are better than at Cafe Du Monde, but I liked the ones at Cafe Du Monde better! The walls were a banana leaf print, though, if you're interested in taking a trendy Instagram picture :)

We stopped in here for appetizers to take a break from walking around and split a really good flatbread! This is another one of Emeril's restaurants and definitely a spot we would have gone back to for dinner if we had more time.


Jackson Square
Jackson Square was one of my favorite spots in the French Quarter. It's right on the water and is where the St. Louis Cathedral is located. The inside of the cathedral is beautiful and it's so fun to walk around and listen to all the musicians and people watch. There are also some great restaurants in this area!

Garden District Architecture Tour
My family and I ended up doing a tour of the Garden District on the Fourth of July, so we were the only ones on the tour which was nice. We went through a cemetery which was more interesting than I expected it to be, but it was nice having a tour guide tell us about the history that I wouldn't have known if we explored on our own. We went on to look at all kinds of historic houses and the homes of celebrities like Sandra Bullock and the Manning family.

Preservation Hall
This is one of the three spots in New Orleans you can listen to jazz music if you're under 21 years old. It was a really fun show and such a cool experience. The venue is very small and has limited seating (and no air conditioning) so it may be worth the extra money for a seat if you don't want to stand for the whole show.

Blaine Kern's Mardi Gras World
A few friends recommended this spot to me before going on my trip and it didn't disappoint! The tour includes a brief history of Mardi Gras and then a look around the studios where they create and store the floats. The process they use to make the floats was so interesting and the artists at the warehouse even make props for Disney and the Chick-fil-a cows that go on billboards!

French Quarter Carriage Tour
It's easy to head to Bourbon Street and Jackson Square every time you hit the French Quarter, so taking a carriage ride not only provided some shade but brought us to some new parts of the French Quarter we probably wouldn't have ventured to.

National World War II Museum
This museum is so nice and has so much information. My family and I ended up spending over four hours here and we didn't get to see everything before the museum closed. It's definitely somewhere to to stop while in New Orleans (and the perfect place to escape the heat if you're visiting during the summer).

Have any of you been to New Orleans? What were your favorite things there?
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