Bright Rain Jacket

Rain Jacket // Shirt (old, same style top) // Skirt (similar) // Shoes // Monogram Ring 

Once again Mother Nature teased us with some amazing summer weather last week in the mid 80s, but yesterday and today has been chilly with nonstop rain. Although we all complain about the rain, I don't mind it when I get to wear rain jackets like this one... and Elon's campus still looks amazing in the pouring rain (I can't wait to see all the flowers once these April showers are through)! 
Charles River Apparel was kind enough to send me their new Logan jacket and it has quickly become a new favorite. This jacket is quite the upgrade from a basic rain coat. First of all, the color is great! I'm usually not the biggest fan of green but I love the classic kelly green and the pop of color it adds on a dreary day. It also has a more tailored cut with a adjustable drawstring to cinch in at the waistline. And you can remove the hood!
For a more dressed up look I paired it with my favorite strawberry shirt (which is sadly no longer available) and fluted skirt for an all white look. 

You can buy Charles River Apparel on Amazon, monogrammed from Marley Lilly, or for my Elon gals, at All That Jas on Williamson Rd!

Head over to my Instagram to enter to win this jacket!

Thanks to Carrie for taking these pictures! I'm so glad the rain canceled my plans so we were able to catch up!
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Worth Avenue

Jean Jacket // Striped Shirt // Shorts // Sandals
Sunglasses // Purse // Monogram Ring // Scarf (similar)

For some reason these photos from Palm Beach never made it over to the blog. I wore this navy and white ensemble to walk around Worth Avenue the first day we got to Palm Beach. We got there later in the day, so most of the shops were closing up but it was so beautiful to walk around. Later we ate dinner at Taboo, which is one of the restaurants on Worth Avenue. I saw online that it was the hot spot for people like Frank Sinatra and JFK to eat back in the day and that it was still one of the best places to go in Palm Beach, so we had to give it a go. My parents and I were definitely the youngest people in the whole restaurant but I didn't mind because my coconut shrimp was so good!

See my other Palm Beach post here!
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Easter Lilly

Happy Easter, y'all! I hope everyone was able to spend the holiday with friends and family and enjoy the spring weather. I was lucky enough to be able to bring three of my Elon pals home with me for the long weekend and we had a blast! On Saturday we went shopping in Charlotte and went to a consignment shop I had never heard of before, J.T. Posh. It's an upscale consignment shop so they have nearly every name brand you can think of at great prices. I found this vintage Lilly Pulitzer dress for $24 (what a steal!) and wore it for mass and brunch on Easter Sunday. Bright Lilly prints are always appropriate for springtime Easter festivities, in my opinion. 

Happy Easter!
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What I Wore For Winter Rush + Sorority Life Update

Dressing for sorority recruitment in the winter is quite the tough feat... it's freezing cold outside and then so stuffy standing in a room with a hundred girls once you're inside. Luckily it wasn't too cold this year and our organizations outgrew their houses so most rounds were within the student center so we didn't have to wear too many layers. It was frustrating trying to find inspiration for what to wear because all over Pinterest girls wear Lilly and sundresses for rush, but that clearly wasn't appropriate for January. 

I had the opportunity to meet up with Cathleen Slagle for some pictures last weekend while she was touring Elon and it was so fun shooting different outfits and meeting her in real life! She is so sweet and is a great photographer! 
We shot two of the outfits I wore for recruitment and I will also be sharing (a long overdue and probably too long) sorority update!

For our first two rounds it was recommended that we dress like we normally would, but I still wanted to look put together, so I opted for a dress the first day and added a nice pair of shoes the second day. For in between rounds I wore my Barbour jacket and brought some slippers to stay comfy and warm.

Day 1


Dress | Jean Jacket | Shoes | Purse (similar style) | Watch | Monogram Ring | Sunglasses

Day 2


Shirt (I actually wore this one, but I like this one better for winter) | Jeans | Shoes
Purse | Monogram Ring | Necklace
Side note on the purse: I used my small Longchamp every day and brought a water bottle, mints (a MUST have), snacks and chapstick!

For the third day of recruitment, our preference round, I wore this outfit but swapped the Jacks for a pair of nude heels. It was recommended that we wear cocktail dresses that were on the conservative side. This round was in the houses and we had to stand outside to wait to get in, so this is where we did the whole sweatshirt and jacket and sweatpants and slippers over our dresses.
(It was quite the look)

On bid day I received a bid from Alpha Omicron Pi and I'm going to be honest- it wasn't my top choice so I wasn't too excited. However, I went through those three days of rush and figured I might as well give it a go and see how I feel about it during the new member period. I was also very optimistic about the whole process because I was 110% happy not being in a sorority so it wouldn't be the end of the world if I decided it wasn't for me. Our new member period was filled with all kinds of activities and meetings and meals with sisters and other new members and I quickly found a great group of gals that I was constantly hanging out with (we seemed to frequent fried chicken Thursday in the dining hall). It's not realistic to be absolute best friends with every person in your sorority so you just have to find your group within the organization! And even if you're not super close with everybody it's great to have so many familiar faces walking around campus and in your classes.
I was initiated a few weeks ago just before spring break and am such a happy gal in AOII now!

Ok now for a million other pictures I never posted (sorry this is actually the longest blog post I've ever written).

Bid day!

My mom and I on Women We Love Weekend
(I think we both need some work on throwing what we know)

I'm a twin!

Doing an escape room is the best bonding activity!! You get to know a gal being locked in a room for and hour trying to solve a mystery together.

Formal! This was our first annual Rose Ball so it was so fun to pull out the old prom dresses for the evening.

Props to you if you made it through the whole thing!
Thanks again to Cathleen for taking these pictures!
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