Ruffled Romper

I love the idea of a romper since you can throw it on and it's already a whole outfit and that it's a little less dressy than a dress. I was on the hunt for a good romper for the summer when I came across this one at Target from the J by J.O.A. collection. I somehow bought it for $25 at Target but it's not listed on the Target website in the J by J.O.A. section. I did some looking around and found the exact same one for $90 at Macy's but I would check your Target to see if they have it in stores because you can't beat that price for such a high quality looking piece! If you can't find the same one, they still have some super cute pieces from the collection that are way cheaper than regular J.O.A. pieces. 
Red, white, and blue is pretty much the color scheme of my life, so I paired it with my red and white Jack Rogers and blue and white gingham bucket bag. 

Shop some of my favorite J by J.O.A. pieces from Target below:

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Sunday Brunch on the Lake

Happy Father's Day, Dad!

For Father's Day today my family and I went out for brunch on the lake after church. It was so nice out (and we went before it was 90 degrees out) and I wore my favorite off the shoulder top with white jeans. I couldn't resist using the new tote bag I got for my birthday, it's the perfect size and I love how it's pretty neutral but still interesting with the monogram and subtle pattern. 
We've spent the rest of the day watching the U.S. Open and it has just been the perfect Sunday!

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Making Pars in Palm Leaves

Now that I'm home for the summer I've had more time to go out on the golf course with my family. I'm actually interning with The First Tee of Greater Charlotte this summer, so I'm having a very golf centered summer. I'm really enjoying it and in addition to two summer classes it's been keeping me pretty busy (in a good way)!
I popped into Vineyard Vines a week or so ago and was so impressed with all of the new golf apparel! Their golf skirts are the absolute perfect golf skirts in my opinion. They are a structured fit but still breathable and are a nice clean cut look. They also have huge pockets in both the front and back which is so handy because it was such a pain when I used to wear tennis skirts to golf and I wouldn't have anywhere to put my tees, ball marker, etc. 
I picked up some basics ( a classic one and a scalloped one) and just had to have this palm printed skirt. Banana leaves are so trendy right now and the color combo is perfect for the golf course! Since it's such a statement, I kept the rest of the outfit pretty neutral.

They had so much cute golf and tennis apparel when I went in the store recently. 
Shop my favorites below:
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Draper James at Nordstrom

A few weeks ago I took a trip to the mall and was so surprised and excited to see that Nordstrom now carries Draper James. It's one of my absolute favorite brands (I've styled a DJ dress in this blog post) and being able to see the products in person before buying them without having to take a trip to Nashville is so great. I couldn't walk away empty handed, so I got this fun Howdy shirt. I told myself I needed to stop buying striped shirts but I just couldn't resist! 

Shop some of my favorite Draper James items that are available at Nordstrom:

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Freshman Dorm Room | Elon University

It's crazy to think it's been three weeks since I moved out of my freshman year dorm room (this post is long overdue). While I love having a bigger bed and plenty of room back at home, I miss living just a few minutes from so many of my friends!

I know the summer before heading off to college I spent so much time on Pinterest looking at other peoples' dorm rooms for inspiration. Because I didn't know much about the neighborhood on campus I was going to live in, I looked everywhere online to see what they looked like and even looked up the blueprints since there weren't any photos of students' Danieley dorms. So, I wanted to make sure I posted these photos for incoming Elon students to see what the dorm looks like so they can prepare for move in!
(I would have taken photos of our kitchen/common room but they never stayed clean for very long...)
I hope this is either informational and inspirational for college students prepping for their first dorm!

My first year at Elon I lived in a Danieley flat. This was actually my last choice for housing so I was pretty bummed out when I saw my rooming assignment. While it's a little out of the way compared to the other neighborhoods on campus, it did have it's upsides with a kitchen, common room and free laundry. My room came with a bed, desk and wardrobe. Unlike other neighborhoods, Danieley has wardrobes instead of a closet and dresser duo. I was a little worried about having enough room, but I was able to fit all the clothing I brought + more! As for the bed I lofted it halfway for plenty of storage and kept my shoes, printer and laundry underneath there. One of the best investments I made was in a long bed skirt to hide all of this underneath my bed and make everything look nice and clean! I also opted for a Queen sized comforter rather than a twin sized because it hangs over the side of the bed to hide what's underneath and it's more cozy to me! One thing that made my bed even more cozy was a gel mattress topper. I was really worried about having an uncomfortable bed and a good mattress topper made all the difference. I had this one and will be using it again next year!

In the wardrobe I would highly recommend getting some type of drawer system because that space ended up being where I just threw all of my t-shirts into a pile. 

gold lamp //  patriotic mug // mason jars // mirror // magazine holder // bulletin board (similar)

(everyone talks about command hooks but I probably used 3 packs of these to hang things on the wall) 

A space that can easily be wasted in a dorm is behind the door. In addition to having towel racks on the back of the door itself, my roommate and I added command hooks on the wall behind the door for coats and hats. It got to be a pain hanging up my winter jacket every time I came home and it ended up in the dreaded "pile" that accumulated on my chair too often. Hanging it up kept it out of the way and easy to access. 

striped bins // portable speaker // comforter // sweatshirt blanket (similar)

There ended up being no good place to clip this little fan so I did some DIYing and taped it to the top of my wardrobe (the verdict: don't get the clip fan). 
On top of my wardrobe ended up being a great place for storage. I had two bins for towels and miscellaneous items and had cords and other stuff in shoeboxes. 

magazine holder // mirror // bulletin board (similar) // mason jars 

gold lamp // bulletin board (similar) // mason jars // mirror

My desk doubled as a vanity for me. I used the two of the three drawers to store beauty products because I never did homework at my desk (more of a library gal).

customizable banners here, here, & here // gingham sheets // comforter // blanket (similar) // twinkle lights

I didn't want to put too much on the walls so I opted for just hanging up these simple banners to show some school pride.

gold lamp //  patriotic mug // mason jars // mirror // magazine holder // bulletin board (similar)

Looking forward to decorating my apartment in just a few short months!

If you have any questions at all please comment or shoot me an email!
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