Heels for High-Heel-Haters

I would definitely identify myself as a high-heel-hater.
I'm someone who has avoided wearing high heels at all costs since the first time I tried to wear heels. They were always falling off or too tight or too tall and at 5' 8" I didn't feel like I needed to go through all that pain for the extra height. When I got the notification that I would have to wear heels each day of sorority recruitment I already dreaded it. I decided to start the hunt for a reasonably comfortable pair of heels that I could make it through the week in and stumbled across the perfect pair at Target.
These are the most comfortable heels I've ever worn! They're only 2.5" tall so you get a little bit of a boost at a comfortable height. The best part? They're under $30. I've already had the chance to wear them multiple times and they immediately dress up an outfit without putting you through the pain associated with high heels.
They also have a taller version (still under $30!) that reminds me of these Steve Madden ones if you're more comfortable in heels!

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  1. These look so nice + expensive I wouldn't even guess that they're from Target! Gotta love a good comfortable heel.

    1. They're a steal! So great for the price.


  2. I literally bought these three days ago!!! They're PERFECT for recruitment shoes!

  3. I like the high heels on www.27880.com ,my wife always buy heels on it.It’s so fashion and beautiful.


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