Bundling Up For Fall

Thank you to my friend, Chrissy, for taking these photos!

Since the start of September I have been so ready for Fall. With the cooler weather in the mornings it's definitely felt like October already (and the Fall candles and apple cider I've been drinking have definitely helped a little). It's that weird time of year for weather where you walk to class shivering and are dripping in sweat on the way back in the afternoon. This plaid monogrammed scarf is perfect to bundle up in on the way to class (or while studying in the library) and then throw in your bag when it gets warmer later in the day! I have a similar cashmere scarf that I love since it's basically a blanket you can wear in public, so I know I'm going to get tons of use out of this one! I love the plaid for fall and how neutral this black and white print is, and it pairs so well with white jeans if you're into breaking fashion rules and wearing white post-Labor Day. Marley Lilly has a bunch of different patterns and styles to bundle up in this Fall (and of course, everything comes monogrammed)! 

Who else is ready for fall?
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  1. This blanket scarf is so cute and I love how you styled it! Can't wait for cooler weather!



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