Friday Finds 9/15/2017

Hi y'all! I'm so relieved it's finally Friday, this week has felt so long and I am so ready for the weekend. I found a few cute new finds for the upcoming fall season. (That little cool spell we had is over now, and I'm already so over the warm weather again)! One of my favorite finds was this pair of scalloped flats from Sam Edelman! They look identical to the ChloĆ© ones and are a fraction of the price- and the suede is so cute for fall.

Since I'm staring at either my phone or computer pretty much the whole day, I decided to test out some digital screen protection glasses. I've been having ocular migraines and my eyes get so tired working on the computer, so I hope this will help! If not, they will at least look cute :) 

I'm not the biggest Harry Potter fan, but I saw this video release for PBTeen's Harry Potter collection and I think it looks so cool and well-done! Before I clicked on the video I thought it would look kind of tacky but I love how classy and tasteful it turned out!

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