Friday Finds 9/22/2017

I didn't have much time to do any shopping this week, so I've compiled some interesting finds in the form of links rather than clothes. Enjoy!

There was something I knew I wanted to talk about but kept forgetting every time I sat down to write my Friday Finds post, but I remembered this time! Thomas Rhett's new album is so so good. It's pretty much all my friends and I have listened to since the day it came out. We all think Life Changes is the cutest song on the album because it's pretty much his life story in a song. Have you listened to it? Comment your favorite song right now (I'm always looking for suggestions)!

Evelyn Henson just released a ton of new prints! I've followed her on Instagram but never really checked out her site until now and she offers so many cute and funny mugs!

I'm always one to download a software update as soon as it is available and I was so excited for the new iOS11 system. My favorite features are that you can now make a live photo into a video or boomerang and that you can follow friends and listen to their playlists on Apple Music! Read about other new updates here.

The time has come: Pinterest sub-boards! I love this idea because fashion can be pretty broad so now you can break it down into fall fashion, shoes, accessories, or a food board into desserts, healthy recipes, and so on. This will make pins easier to find and will be more pleasing for people like me who like to have folders within folders within folders in their documents. 

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