My Favorite Gingham Dress

Dress (similar here and here) | Denim Jacket | Purse | Sunglasses | Monogram Ring

This is hands down my favorite dress of the summer. It's kind of a romper because it has shorts underneath, but I love that it just looks like a baby-doll dress with the cutest belle sleeves! It's so easy to wear because of the shorts, and I have it in two colors so my friends are probably tired of seeing me wear it. But as the weather cools down, I don't plan to put it away until next summer because it looks just as cute with a denim jacket over it for fall! I wore this for my first day of class because the weather was surprisingly cool for August and know I will be wearing variations of this look throughout the season. Bring on the fall weather!

Thank you to my friend Chrissy for taking these photos!
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