Goal Setting For The New Year

Anyone else terrible at setting New Years resolutions? The only resolution I've ever actually followed through with is starting this blog! I had wanted to start one for so long but was worried about stepping out of my comfort zone so I told myself I would focus on this one resolution and it worked! I think part of the reason I never seem to follow through with resolutions is that I try to do everything at once. It's pretty hard to go from lounging around and eating sweets all day over the holidays to exercising 5 days a week, drinking 8 glasses of water every day, and adopting a new skincare routine. That would be pretty hard to keep up. 
I think the trick to having successful resolutions is to focus on one or two that are really important to you and carve out time to make those things happen. Even if you may think you don't have time to add another thing to your routine or take up another hobby, just cut out 15 minutes of time on social media or Netflix and spend that time on your resolution each day. If there are more than a few resolutions you had in mind, you can tackle those later in the year as your main few become part of your routine. I don't think resolutions are exclusive to the New Year, you can really start them at any time throughout the year!

I'm also just bad at setting goals in general. The front section of my Day Designer that's meant for setting goals and action items always remains empty each year. This year, I want to practice better goal setting and try to get specific. I've never done this before and want to see the impact it has on realizing my goals. 
I think my first New Years resolution is going to be setting better goals and acting on them. I'm always reading and listening to podcasts and writing out all kinds of ideas only to have them never leave my notebook. This year, I want to be able to be ambitious in achieving my goals (through a better plan) and be more conscious of how I spend my time and how that is affecting the realization of my goals. (I really don't think my busy schedule is helping that)! That brings me to my second resolution which is going to be clearing up my schedule a little bit. I love being busy and productive but there are definitely some things in my life I am not 100% passionate about and could cut out to give some time for other things I care about. I hate saying no, so my schedule seems to fill up pretty quickly during the course of the semester. Devoting my time to what's most important is something I tend to struggle with, especially when I end up scrolling through social media for an hour  or bopping to and from meetings and wonder where my time went. I always refer to this lesson when I need a reality check regarding how I spend my time.

Here are some resources to keep you on track with your resolutions:

What are your New Years resolutions? This is the year for starting something new because January 1 is on a Monday, how perfect!

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