Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate! I hope today is filled with good food and good company for everyone. After mass, my parents and I are making crepes for breakfast and then just hanging out for the rest of the day. It seems like the past few days have revolved around baking and eating and that's pretty much what we will be doing all day tomorrow (healthy eating starts in 2018, right?). 
I truly can't believe it's already Christmas, even though the holiday season started so early with Thanksgiving falling so early on the calendar. As much as I love the holidays I think I will feel relieved for it to be over so that I can go to Target or the grocery store without having to compete for a spot in the parking lot or wait in line for half an hour to check out. I'm ready to relax and enjoy time with family today and prepare for the new year!

Have a very merry Christmas!
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