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Today is my last day of class and Winter break feels like it is coming out of nowhere. I'm just now starting to think about gifts for the holidays and even though I've been reading all sorts of gift guides, the holidays have seemed so far off but we are just a few weeks away! I feel like any gift is more fun when it has your monogram on it and Marley Lilly has so many cute gifts to give or add to your wishlist. I remember in high school my friends and I would always browse Marley Lilly's website when we wanted to monogram everything we owned. Now I definitely prefer simple monogrammed accessories that add a personal touch to an outfit. All of these gifts feature a subtle monogram that I think is the perfect addition to a classic gift.   
Shop my top four monogrammed gifts below: 

Jewelry Box // This was something that was definitely on my Christmas list for this year because I realized I was just keeping all of my jewelry in little bags and boxes and needed a more practical way to store everything. I love how simple this one is!

Phone Pocket // I don't think I would survive college without one of these. It's so handy to store your necessary cards in so you only have one thing to carry with you everywhere. This monogrammed one is so fun and different from the less durable (and less cute) ones most people use around campus.

Passport Holder & Luggage Tag // How fun would this be for someone who is an avid traveler or who has an upcoming trip? I'm going to Europe this winter and know this passport holder will be of use!

Makeup Bag // The majority of my makeup bags are ones that have come free with purchase of something else, so I never really purchase any for myself. This one holds all of my daily makeup and I love how elegant the metallic gold is.

Thank you to Marley Lilly for the gifts!
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