Thank You Notes This Holiday Season

During the holiday season (and throughout the whole year) it is so important to express gratitude for any gift or help you have received. No matter how small the gift or action, a thank you note is always appreciated. Plus, now that most messages are sent via email it's exciting to receive a handwritten note in your mailbox! There are also so many beautiful stationary sets available now, and using fun stationary makes the note writing process even more exciting. 

I've been using a little formula when writing thank you notes to friends and family that makes it easier and less stressful (there's no delete button when you're using a pen)!

1. "Dear ____,"
Address who it is you are thanking. I always opt for 'Dear' but you can leave that out and just write their name followed by a comma to address them more casually.

2. "Thank you for ____"
Explicitly state what it is you are thanking them for.

3. Say why you are thankful for it and how you plan on using it.
Ensures the giver their gift or help is put to good use!

4. Thank them again and close the note.
For more personal notes to family or close friends, I always sign my notes "Love, Renee" and for less personal notes I typically sign them "Best, Renee" or "Sincerely, Renee"

To keep track of your gifts and who gave them to you, download this thank you note tracker for free.
If you want to perfect your letter writing skills, I definitely recommend the book, The Art of the Handwritten Note, that I got a few years ago.

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