What I Ate + Did in Savannah

Hello all! I just got back from a quick two and a half day trip to Savannah, Georgia with my family before summer classes and internships pick up. It was the perfect little trip and the perfect amount of time to spend in the historic city. As most of our family trips go, we spent a lot of time eating and then filling the time in between meals by walking around and exploring. In today's post I'm going to be sharing my favorite places where we ate and explored during our trip to Savannah. 

The Olde Pink House

Our first night in Savannah we had dinner at the famous Olde Pink House which was right across the street from our hotel. The restaurant was huge and every room was so different! They had some pretty interesting items on the menu like Southern Sushi and Buttermilk Fried Lobster Tails that I had to try out. Definitely the kind of food you can't get anywhere else and I loved every bite! 

Leopold's Ice Cream

As full as I was after dinner, I still had to finish off the evening with a scoop of ice cream from Leopold's on Broughton. I went with the Chocolate Chewies and Cream (two thumbs up from me).

The Paris Market

This was probably one of my favorite spots we visited with both a cafe and two story shop. Since it's not primarily a coffee shop it opens a little later (10 a.m.) so I got there a little early and there was already a handful of people waiting outside. I fueled up with my usual (an iced mocha) and shopped around the store. It was the perfect mix between Anthropologie-type knick knacks and vintage-looking Parisian finds. 

Treylor Park

My parents and I saw that this restaurant was on Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives so it was definitely on our list. I got the Chicken & Pancake Tacos which came with a strawberry salsa that made for such a good combination. If you're a chicken & waffles fan like I am, this is an awesome variation to try. 

Maple Street Biscuit Company

This is a franchise that I had heard of before (they're based out of Jacksonville, FL and just opened a location in the Charlotte area) and I was so excited to try! I can't resist a good biscuit and the Sticky Maple was the perfect combination of fried chicken, bacon, and maple syrup.

Broughton Street

Skip the touristy area on River Street and check out the restaurants and shops on Broughton Street. This is where you can find Leopold's, The Paris Market, Maple Street Biscuits, and more!

Wormsloe Plantation

This is the avenue of oaks. I'm sure y'all have seen countless pictures of this famous road and it's even more breathtaking in person. The road leads up to the ruins of Wormsloe Plantation and to get to the visitor's center it's about a two mile drive up the oak-lined road. It costs $10/person for entry and I think it's worth it just to drive down the road (the visitor's center and movie about the plantation was a little underwhelming). 

Jones Street

Jones Street has been voted the most beautiful street in America multiple times, so it was a must see. The street is framed by oak trees much like the avenue of oaks and is lined with historic townhomes. Sadly, we only got to walk down two blocks of the street because we were caught in a thunderstorm but it was so worth it to check out! (Pro tip: Take the Dot to the Jones Street stop if you're staying closer to the river. It's a free bus that comes every 10 minutes!)

It was such a great quick trip to take before summer activities really pick up and two days was the perfect amount of time to spend in Savannah and feel like we did everything we wanted to.

Have y'all been to Savannah before?
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