Recent Reads No. 5

Back again rounding up my most recent reads with four more nonfiction books. Like I mentioned in my last Recent Reads post, I've been really into nonfiction lately so I've been reaching for books about networking and content marketing and everything in between. I'm always looking for new books to read, so leave me a comment letting me know what books you've read recently!

Reach Out 

I found this book through Spire & Co and thought it would be a great book to read before I headed to New York to start my internship (it seems like every industry professional is emphasizing the importance of networking). I knew that was not one of my strong suits so I wanted to learn more about it and this was an entertaining read on the topic! One of my favorite stories in the book emphasizes that if by connecting with one person you open yourself up to a whole new network. Even if you don't hit it off with that person, they might know someone who would be a great contact for you!


I had seen a few of Malcolm Gladwell's Ted Talks before and thought I would give one of his books a try when I stumbled across them in Barnes & Noble, and now I'm hooked (just started my fourth book by him yesterday)! Each chapter in his books tells a different story and while they all might seem completely unrelated, they all connect back to one overarching theme. The theme of Outliers is how people have been successful and what circumstances set them up for success. It was a really interesting read and I flew through it in a weekend!

The Tipping Point

Another Malcolm Gladwell book, this one focuses on what makes trends take off or what makes a factory most productive, essentially what factors cause these phenomena to happen. Once again, the book jumps around from topics like the crime rate in NYC to how people get a job but all relates back to those little factors that make a huge difference.  It's an interesting read because it dives into people like connectors, who have considerably large social circles, and mavens, who accumulate knowledge.

Content Inc

This book has a really specific topic (which reflects some of the points made throughout the book). It's about how entrepreneurs can use content marketing to build their audiences and create a successful business. The book emphasizes that you should narrow in on a super specific niche (like Pulizzi did with this book) and discusses how to make content stick out in saturated markets. Not my favorite book in the world, but definitely a good read if you're interested in content marketing.

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