Weekend in Greenwich Village

Pants (on sale!) | White Tee | Mules | Tote | Sunglasses | Watch

Happy Monday! So excited to share another outfit post with y'all today. My parents were in the city this weekend, so I was able to snap some outfit photos for the blog! We ventured down to Washington Square Park & Greenwich Village to walk around on Saturday, and it's one of my favorite places to explore because it's much more of a residential area and has so many cute town homes and restaurants. 

I have been loving the paper bag waist trend lately but was having a lot of trouble finding pants in that style that fit right for me. It seems like most of them have that trendy culotte cut, but for someone on the taller side, that style just doesn't hit at the right spot. I was so happy to find these wide leg pants at H&M that were just long enough for me. These pants are seriously so comfy and it's fun to switch it up from jeans. Because I'm interning in a more casual office setting I've been wearing this look to work and know I'll be wearing these well into the fall season!

They're on sale now and if you're ordering online I would recommend sizing up. I think I had to size up 3 or 4 sizes when I got these because H&M definitely runs pretty small. 

I also hopped on the mule trend with these Michael Kors mules, but I truthfully think mules are the most uncomfortable shoes!! I might just have narrow feet, but my shins hurt when I walk in them because I'm straining my foot so hard to keep them from falling off! I love how they look and think they're easy to wear in the office, but definitely not my pick if you're going to be doing any walking at all. Anyone else not the biggest fan of the mule trend? 

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  1. Too cute, Renee! I would never of guessed your pants are H&M- the paper bag detail is very J. Crew!


  2. I love this look so much! The pants are so so cute!

    Enfiniti | enfinitijones.blogspot.com


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