Recent Reads No. 6

Long time, no update! This summer when I worked in the Flatiron district, I would get to work about an hour early and grab an iced mocha and sit in Madison Square Park and start my day off reading a book. I hate to feel rushed in the morning (and this helped me beat rush hour on the subway) so I flew through quite a few books this summer. Like most of my past Recent Reads posts (linked below) all of the books listed in this post are nonfiction. I love reading books that will help me in my career or teach me something new and I especially love psychology books like Malcolm Gladwell's because it gives me a chance to learn something that I wouldn't typically learn in the classroom as a Communications student.

The Myth of the Nice Girl

This is one of my favorite business books I have read to date. The author, Fran Hauser, spoke at the Her Campus Conference this summer and I flew through the book just days after the conference ended. It's about how to be a leader in the workplace and still be kind - something I found very relatable. I know I sometimes find it hard to find a balance between being an empathetic and caring person while still being a strong and effective leader. I can't recommend this book enough to any female looking to advance her career or to enter the workforce soon.


Just like my last Recent Reads post, this one includes two Malcolm Gladwell books. Gladwell makes psychological phenomena so interesting and after one book, I was hooked. Blink is about how most decisions happen in a moment and often have more to do with our subconscious rather than our conscious mind. Another fascinating book that talks about decision making and our instincts and judgments.

David and Goliath

Another Malcolm Gladwell book that I found so interesting. David and Goliath is about how underdogs are successful because they are forced to address problems in unconventional ways. I love Gladwell's books because he explains phenomena like this through examples that are relevant to readers. An interesting fact that Gladwell explained was that over 1/3 of entrepreneurs have been diagnosed with a learning disability which causes them to approach problems in innovate ways.

The Financial Diet

I picked this book up after I spent $150 on coffee in one month and decided I needed to do something about this spending problem. The book is written by the authors of the blog The Financial Diet and was a top rated book on Amazon. It was an easy read and I have to say I was a little disappointed. The book talked about why you should care about money and why we should make money a less taboo subject but other than that I don't think it presented any new or groundbreaking information.

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