Winter Blues

Sweater (60% off with code GOBIG) | Jacket | Jeans  
Sneakers | Tote | Earrings

Hello all! I hope 2019 has been treating you well since I last posted. Speaking of - I want to thank all of you for your support of Shop Gimme Glamour. I am so excited to finally have the shop live and am so grateful for all the positive feedback I've received from y'all!
I took these photos on the same day that I took all of the product photos for the shop and am still obsessed with this look. When I bought this sweater, I was worried that the color would be a little too springy for January but love how it looks with my navy Barbour jacket for winter. I received this new Barbour jacket as a Christmas gift this year and love the subtle difference from my classic Beadnell one. This fit is a little roomier and I bumped up a size so I could wear it over heavier sweaters in the winter.
I also have to talk about these fun fringe earrings! I have always been hesitant to hop on the statement earring trend, always opting for my classic pearl earrings but have been itching to switch up my jewelry so I finally invested in two pairs from Loft! I love the vintage look of these fringe ones and how the gemstone ties in with the blue in my sweater and also picked up these tortoise ones! Now that I'm finally on board with statement earrings, I would love your recommendations for places with fun earrings!

Have a great week y'all,

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